Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: Transformers GT Anna

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Origin Series: Transformers GT
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 9cm tall
Original Price: 10,000 yen

I'll be skipping the packaging since this is only a follow up review for GT-R Saber.


I must say the figure is quite far from how Anna looked in the official art, but, at least, her face isn't derpy like that of Misaki's (GT-R Prime's partner). She wears an outfit suitable for that of a Race Queen which also features the Team Impul's color scheme of blue and white. 

I do apologize that I forgot to take detail shots but you can always just click on one to view it in full size to see the details. What's amazing is that her blue are in metallic paint and her torso features an extension of her skirt but of couse, once you play with her joints, it'll be mess. I think her biggest flaw is that her curled up hair became too big from the original art but aside from that I guess I don't like the fact that a lot of cuts are visible and that her skirt is pretty much a tight fit but fret not, despite the tight skirt, Anna still has an amazing articulation. Anna stands short to some of my small figures like Revoltech He Tie Shou but she is taller than Sniper from Perfect Effect's Assault Force X.


The only accessories Anna comes with would be a set of optional hands, a pair of fists, and 2 sets of gripping hands. While she has no other accessories, she can indeed borrow some of the accessories from other figures.

Articulation Points:

Anna uses a modern microman body and her joints are as straightforward as it can get, every cut you see are playable to your heart's content; Her neck's on a ball joint and it has a very good range be it upwards or downwards and finally a free 360 rotation movement.

Her body features her strongest articulation point as it's split into two points both of which has bending features  and swivel options of their own. The bend has a very big range allowing her to do the "sitting" pose I made above.

Her shoulders have a a full on 360 rotation and a hinge that goes on a 180 rangel; she also features a bicep cut to swivel her arms and lastly a double jointed elbow, a really wonderful range for such a small lady.

For her legs and feet, I think she has a ball joint on her hips but since her skirt is pretty tight, you can't flex it pretty well, she does have a thigh swivel which is the more useful part. Her knees are also double jointed and lastly her ankles have swivels on them as well as a hinge so you can stretch Anna's legs.


Anna serves as a good add-on to the GT-R Saber set (the flag above is from figma Racing Miku 2012 btw), while she can pretty much just do wacky stuff together with Saber, she can indeed pull off poses that serves her role, a race queen, very well. You can do quite a number of interactions with GT-R Saber but it's best with the robot mode since the scale looks better there.

While it is wishful thinking, I really wish she could have the ability to ride GT-R when he's in car mode. But really, I'm quite impressed a whole lot on how much poseable Anna is, and she can really do wonders with other figures.

Final Thoughts:

Again, I've said it countless times above, I really do appreciate Anna coming with Saber, her face looks bearable and her articulation is just rich, she does help justify the price a bit but still not a big factor to convince me that it was worth it but do know that if you get Saber, you won't lose at Race Queen he comes with. :D

Anna does get a victorious 4 out of 5!

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