Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: DXF Cure Heart

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Origin Series: Doki Doki Precure
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 15 cm tall


check Hachune's pose carefully :>

DXF Heart's box is pretty simple but also pretty cute IMO, while the main figure is highlighted up front, there's a big heart behind her with a closeup of her figure in monochome. There's also a font saying "Cure Heart" and " Doki Doki Precure".  The japanese text says "DXF Figure ~Cure Heart & Cure Rosetta~" since she was released for the crane machines along with Rosetta as the 1st set of Doki DXFs.

The sides contain a whole body shot of Heart and Rosetta, while the back features other collectibles with also previews the succeeding wave of Doki DXFs which would be Diamond and another Rosetta.


Being a prize figure, Cure Heart's detail ain't bad for her classification, you have the basic details of her outfit, they just lack folding details really and a richer paint; though I must say, the paint apps on the hearts on her cure form are really stunning as they are in metallic paint. The curled parts from her hair does have some unique molding in them so those important features of the wild precure hairstyles we've been having recently could be highlighted. 

While I think the colors could've been livelier, they aren't bad a choice for a prize figure. The human skin parts are also well painted but again, more skin details could've made it better although  that's already wishful thinking for a majority of prize figures. XD

Her base features a clear round one with some pretty nice details that acts as its inner border with the "arrow" like symbol we see during the initial phase of their transformation and also the one you see on the Doki Doki Precure logo; a very simple yet quite wonderful base IMO.


Heart's pose seems to be loosely based on the one she does whenever their team's introduced, it's a good pick for her figure but her facial expression doesn't exactly say the same; while she is smiling, I seriously think an open mouth smile would've worked for this pose a whole lot better. 

Her smile also seems weird at certain angles but there are some that looks very natural with the pose but yeah, an upfront shot just gives me a weird impression on how her face was made (or it could be her nose). XD

Close-up view aside, DXF Cure Heart version A (since there's a version B coming in September) does look good, I love the pose and the colors really make Heart pop out and her smile does come better from a farther viewpoint. Lastly, her pose does make her look good in a number of angles, so, it's quite a good feat being a prize figure. XD

Final Thoughts:

I really do have mixed opinions on DXF Cure Heart A; certainly, she's a figure I would recommend to those who love the invincible team leader; it's a good figure but personally, I have high hopes for next month's version B which has Cure Heart smiling all out with her mouth open (to be released with Cure Sword), so, for those who only want 1 DXF Heart, do be on a lookout for that as well and decide there. She's certainly  not the best looking, but she is only of better Heart figures available currently if you ask me, so yeah, up to you really.XD 

Anyway, this review is once again courtesy of my friend, Kyonko (the big Mana/Heart fan on my friends who are into Precure), for letting me take a review on this! And once again, as announced in the blog's fanpage, we shall be displaying this on the coming weekend, so, do drop by and hopefully, we can throw in some conversations there as well. XD 

I give the invincible student council president a non selfish 3.5 out of 5!

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