Saturday, August 10, 2013

Review: Kasen Ibaraki

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Griffon Enterprises
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 18.5 cm tall
Original Price: 8800 Yen


There's not much to discuss about Kasen's box, it's a mixture of purple shades and then you a somewhat rose-like vine in some parts, it's not really that much appealing for me (but the figure is!) so, I won't keep this long. xD 

Anyway, the windows on each side are divided into 2 since her arm's cutting them off, and at the back you have a frontal and back view, a very very plain box; and enough of the box, let's head on to the main deal.


Now, as opposed to my previous Touhou review, which was Kourindo Reimu, I must say Kasen really came out as a more flawless finish as I have minor complaints with her. Starting off with the head, Kasen has a really really lovely face, I just like how gentle her smile looks like and it really blends well with her pose IMO. 

Once again, the texture of the cloth covering her dumpling hair looks really well molded as with most touhou figures from Griffon. As for her hair, I still think the hair could've use a lot more detail going on but it doesn't look bad and at the very least, it doesn't look like a rough mess.

For her clothes, I must say I love how the rose was sculpted, it looks really nice from afar though again, it could have used a bit more detailing so that it also looks good upfront. XD The rest of the clothes just pop out (the rose vine and cloth folds) and the details look good as always from Griffon, the skirt looks like its being blown backwards by a strong wind and I love how they made the effect on it. 

Now left hand is molded quite nicely and the chains on her wristband are that of real chains too, so, kudos to Griffon! Oh and, she has painted nails too. xD

Now the major win factor for me is her right hand, from certain points of view, it really looks ridiculously good, as the bandages show that it's nothing buy air; the way the arm and the bandages were made just deserves a praise. and the right hand look really good too, having the slender fingers and all; one point is that when you look at the insides, it's not really hollow on the rest of the part, I just wish they didn't leave it bland white since it's supposed to be a hollow space inside those constricted bandages.

Her legs are pretty simple, there's just the ankle bands and her shoes with tiny ribbons on them. XD

Base remain to be that black base with a silver name plate upfront that's generic on a majority of Griffon's figures.


Kasen's pose is quite okay, it's a bit weird for me but at least, it's not bland and her pose does support numerous wonderful angles.

Kasen's very photogenic and I really didn't have a hard time capturing her in different angles. The pose and the face supports a very relaxed feeling and that's pretty much all I can ask for a scaled figure, a good enough pose with a lovely face that supports a lot of views. XD

One weird thing is how the base orients Kasen, if you face the nameplate up front, she'll be facing a different side which looks weird as her pose was intended to stand in a manner where Kasen faces you and in order to do that, you'll have to tilt the base a little to the left to capture the best orientation for the figure.

Final Thoughts:

Definitely one of the better griffon releases to date and especially for one of the newer characters, Kasen really gave off a good impression. I myself am tempted to get one because the figure has that wow factor and as I've said a lot of times, a very lovely figure overall. This figure review is courtesy of MFC user and friend, Kyonko, for letting me take a shot at this hermit. :D 

I give the hermit a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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