Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Review: Marisa Kirisame

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Algernon Product
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non Scale
Height: Approximately 25 cm tall
Original Price: 8400 yen


Quite frankly, the figure was first released by Gokokuden I believe, and I really love their packaging but somewhat, when Algernon decided to release the mold, they totally over hauled the box design, it somewhat has the feel of a figure from Griffon which is pretty meh if you ask me. (sorry XD) Anyway, I do love how they made the stars as though they are blurry which can be annoying in game like in IN. Anyway, the box is really really basic by all means, not much product shots going on except for 1 full body shot in one side, and the other is just plain stars; the back seriously looks like the front less the window lol, so yeah, enough of the ugly box, it's a case of more than meets the eye for this figure I tell you!


Starting with the face, you might not know but this Marisa was sculpted by YOSHI, who also sculpted my favorite Miku scaled figure; I love the expression, it's very lively and it's very very cute, the wink just seals the deal and easily of the cutest faces in my collection at home!

Her hat has a nice touch, I can say that it could've used a more dynamic sculpt and folds to further support her dynamic pose but I must say, I love how they made the ribbon and the frills, it's not as intense as some top class frilly figures but it works for me and the pointy bits look nice too. Her hair is well made, unlike some figures that look like big chunks of plastic, her hair strands have a certain amount of thinness with the edges and seriously, it works for me and the layers on her hair look really good!

Outfit is well made overall, there's a decent amount of folds existent in there and there really must be due to her pose, while I think more folds could've been in there, it's still very decent; and paint apps were nicely done and I haven't seen messed up paints and the skin tone is pretty good. I really like how they made one shoe to be dangling on the tip of her toes, it all really adds up to how good the figure looks overall. 

Her broom looks like it's made from bamboo (and it probably is) and I really like how the texture was made but I think the bristles looks weird, it looks like that of a mop due to how thick they are, so, I'm not pretty sure on how to feel with it. XD I do give an applaud for making a seamless connection from the broom to her bloomers, there's a peg there but it's well hidden and it isn't a ridiculously tight fit to boot.

Probably the biggest nitpick I have for the figure is that the edges have traces of plastic cuts which can ruin the overall look if you notice it but still, overall a well made figure.

The base ia big golden star and pegged to it is a metal pole to help support the broom stick, I really appreciate it when figures have metal poles as it gives a better assurance that it's not gonna break easily as compared to plastic poles. The plastic pegs are also very thick so setting up and packing it back to the box isn't a very scary thing to do.

Pose Appeal:

Now her left arm was made to hold her hat so it won't fly off due to the "movement" the figure presents, I personally thought at first that it would be hard o take shots of her because of it but luckily, the figure looks very nice in many many angles and even a spot on close up shot isn't hard to do.

The pose is very dynamic and I think that it's because of this fact that she can be caught in many angles and still manage to look okay; it's very lively and as I said back in the details section, the flow, the shoe placement, they all add up in making the figure look alive.

It's also quite surprising that even with her face unseen, there's still a very strong silhouette for the figure and seriously, the appeal is far more than what I expected.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, pretty sure you've already guessed it, the figure definitely had a good impression on me, and it's seriously my most sought after Marisa figure from before and thank goodness Algernon re-released her with no degraded details (except for the box that is). I highly recommend this Marisa as it is truly one of the better Marisa scaled figures out there. 

Got this again from amiami via the usual proxy of a good friend. :D 

The ordinary magician gets an extraordinary 4.5 out of 5!


  1. Burn that box, it's an abomination compared to the original one. love the review though!

    1. yes, the box is really an abomination! and Thanks! :D