Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: Eas

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Alpha x Omega
Origin Series: Fresh Precure
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 19 cm tall
Original Price: 7875 yen


Eas' package is a very simplistic yet effective design, it's mostly just black with some shades of red to focus on Eas' product shots, there's not much to say though but I really do dig the box since it looks eye pleasing. There really isn't much going on, so, below would be some additional box shots. XD


Eas really looks neat, her face looks really accurate as they capture her lovely eyes perfectly while the nose and mouth were sculpted nicely and the expression works.

I usually criticize hair which aren't detailed by layers but in Eas's case, I'm quite happy that they made the hair screen accurate by giving line detailing on just the spiky edges of her hair. The paint job is amazing, the mixture of shades really makes a wonderful effect on the hair while her hairclip is painted in glossy black.

Not much folding (only on the waist) is also going on her outfit and she's just sitting anyway which justifies it for me and I love the fact that they maintained the fact that the tips of her coat doesn't really act normally as they are always dangling in air in the show. The use of the beautiful clear red plastic really works on the crystals on her outfit. Overall, the details are very accurate with the armbands, wristbands, the ribbons on her stockings and even her bust size (LOL) since Fresh is pretty much the series wherein they all look like adults but are still just 14 year olds haha; and again, paint job works as they make a really good effect for her figure to pop up.

Base is a plain circle with a red outline but what takes the cake is that she's sitting on a big red crystal which is part of her base.

Actually, I traded my Tony Miku for this and unfortunately, my friend had an accident when he was packing her up and the tip of the red crystal got chipped off but thankfully because of her pose, it isn't even noticeable when she's been setup which is pretty cool if you ask me.


Pose-wise, she's really just sitting, nothing too dynamic going on but it does come out as sexy, I find it weird that her right arm is raised though, or maybe it's supposedly to be that she's shielding herself from some brightness; I think would've worked better if both her hands were on her lap but that's just me.  It still doesn't change the fact that the figure is beautiful though.

Eas showcases good PoVs from many angles, and for me. honestly, for pictorial purposes, I think she looks best at portrait style shots, or simply shots where you can at least see her legs as it feels incomplete or bland if you can't see them.

I really love the way on how she sits in the red jewel, it's very relaxed and her expression goes well with the entire pose; I could definitely say this is one of the best Precure scaled figures out there to date albeit my minor nitpick about her pose. 

Final Thoughts:

Eas is a real beauty, and the way Alpha x Omega made her was really splendid; the sexy sitting pose and the beautiful face makes her all worth for her price (although it is quite high these days) and if you are a Fresh Precure fan (most especially if you are an Eas/Setsuna/Passion fan), then definitely get this in your collection if you can; she's really one of the best ones out there (along with the exclusive Dark Precure by MegaHouse). 

I sold her before when I still wasn't a fan of  the series but by some twist of fate, the very piece I sold went back to me when my friend proposed a trade when I let go of my Tony Miku; this time though, I'm not planning on letting go haha especially since I've become a Precure fag. XD

I'd give Eas a fresh score of 4.5 out 5!

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