Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Ran Yakumo

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Phat! Company
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20 cm tall
Original Price: 9240 yen


Similar to my previously reviewed Yukari from the same manufacturer, Ran follows the same box design aesthetic of having a majority of just plain white while her name Ran Yakumo can be seen in different sides of the box. The box is quite color coded in one part with Ran bearing the blue color; and again, like Yukari and the earlier released Chen, we are provided an illustration of where the figure was based on at the back of the box.


To start off, Ran has a very cute face, I must say the transition from the illustration was very well done and, IMO, even made like 10 times cuter which gives a HNGGGHHH factor for the figure. Her mob cap looks nice, the needed details are there and the tassels are nicely painted with a glossy touch; my only gripe about it is that it can't be removed like in her master, Yukari's case.

Being true to the illustration she was based on, all the folds on her outfit goes to her outfit's arm sleeves as it should be; it looks really nice and the details are spot on, I also love how that red jewel above her chest was painted. I would like to note on how busty Ran is in here haha, it's probably the pose but it is what it is haha. The skirt has some nice flow to it and I really like ohow they managed to blend in some number of shades of white in there, they look great!

Being a ninetailed fox, I believe that Phat Ran's greatest selling point would be the nine tails, it's ridiculously made of solid plastic, very very heavy which weighs almost a kilogram iirc, the weight of it simply makes the purchase very very worth it. Seriously speaking, the tails themselves are way heavier than Ran's "human" figure herself. The tails are painted in rich yellow shades ending up with white tips and the "fur" effect comes out quite nicely.

Though I praise it, Phat's Ran is not by any means perfect, I do think some aspects of the figure could have some more work in detail but that's minor nitpicking I guess; the figure's really great overall! 

I did forget to take a shot of the base but it's pretty much a circular clear blue base with no actual design but, at least, it's not retardedly wide for one and that the base was made to have something  to support her heavy tail which is very well appreciated since if not for this, Ran will pretty much get unpegged from her base due to the weight of tails.


Angle-wise, I think Ran is looks very good when you are viewing her from an angle to her right, or in simple terms, follow to where Ran is looking at; viewing from other angles still has their own strong points and I think Ran's smile and big eyes help in making the other angles look nice as well.

I must say Ran's pose is overall plain in any way you look at though personally, it fits her character I guess and a ton of fanarts of Ran can be seen posed in this way also.

I do think her cute smile matches with her pose and again, that pose kinda makes her breast size stand out lol. There's not much to nitpick since she's pretty much a worth it package to begin with.

Overall, a very good reprasentation of Ran and as some of my friends say, at least, she doesn't look like a deity statue you can find on home shrines hahaha as there is one other Ran that gives off that feel when you see it. :P

Final Thoughts:

Again, I love the figure (personal biases for the sculptor YOSHI), it looks really cute and if you have Phat's Chen (which I don't have due to unfortunate and annoying events) and Yukari, Ran makes it an even more worth purchase than she already is; aside from having a good translation from the illustration with the details, face and all, her sheer weight will surprise you once you see this up close; and I can probably say, she is one of those purchases which I feel that I got more than what I paid for. A highly recommended Touhou figure for the fans. Again, I got this heavy fox from amiami when the pre-orders opened last year.

I give this ghastly fox a score of 5 out of 5.

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