Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review: Arms Micron War Breakdown

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Figure Number: 12
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 16cm tall
Original Price: 4200 yen


Similar to RID boxes, War Breakdown's box share the same shape and overall feel of the said design. The back presents a product shot as well as a bio of Breakdown, along with a break down of the things included in the set, while the sides present more product shots of Breakdown and his Micron partner. Not much to say again as it does not have the wow factor that some other Takara packaging have. So, enough of the boring box and let's head on to the main attraction!

Details - Vehicle Mode:

"War" Breakdown's armored car mode looks very solid; as this is a Takara original mold, the overall look is top notch, the blue looks really neat and the details look solid, although like my comments with Final Battle Megatron, I really didn't like the sticker application since it kind of ruins good molds like this especially with the use of sticker lights; not that I hate every sticker application since the orange lining and purple sticker as well as the Decepticon logo does make the vehicle pop out more. Aside from the stickers, I do wish the tire rims were painted so it would look better.

One of the strongest points of Breakdown for me is that he has a load of 5-mm ports all over the vehicle mode and I always love this since I can mess around and play with it and armored cars doesn't look weird being weaponized; additionally, he has 1 c-clip point above the spare tire at the back of his car.

Details - Robot Mode:

Being an original mold, Breakdown is saved from the weird clear plastic bits that existed in the ones who had an RID counterpart. Breakdown has a very screen accurate head sculpt, down to the silver trim, yellow eyes and red face. The overall look of the robot mode looks awesome and unlike the effect of the stickers for the vehicle mode, it looks good for the bot mode as it makes Breakdown look less bland. Breakdown has very minor kibble and it certainly doesn't look bad.

To give an accurate feature, you can flip out Breakdown's forearms, thus, revealing a new 5-mm port so you can attach something straight forward. (like a hammer maybe? lol)

Breakdown, being a voyager, is short compared to the rest of his class; he actually feels like a tall deluxe rather than a voyager but anyway, below's a bunch of size comparisons with some other transformers.


Being in the Arms Micron line, you have to once again build the micron partner kit and this time, we get the Rhino micron, Zamu. It's actually a pain to attach the stickers and also pretty annoying to properly line up the details but anyway, Zamu looks nice in Rhino mode; pretty well engineered if I must say haha.

Zamu's alternate mode reveals Breakdown's weapon, a hammer.

Being a hammer with a short 5-mm handle, Breakdown or any other TF with 5-mm ports can hold this short hammer; however, Takara did indeed put a very neat gimmick on Breakdown, with the ability to flip his forearms to reveal a new 5-mm port, you can insert Zamu there and be able to recreate a screen accurate arm hammer weapon for Breakdown. A gripe for me is that I wish they could've released a solo kit of Zamu so Breakdown can do a dual hammer mode.

Zamu's hammer mode can also be inserted on top of Breakdown's vehicle mode in place of the missing cannon on his alt mode's roof.

Articulation Points:

Breakdown has very flexible ball joint in the neck, it has a a free sidewards rotation and very big range of looking upwards, though downwards is probably 0 or almost 0.

The shoulders work on a swivel with hinge joint, allowing a free forward/backward movement while adding around a 45 degree sidewards raise as it is hindered by his shoulder pads. He has unhindered bicep swivels and also a hinge that can bend at an almost 90 degree range.

Thanks to transformation, we are also given a nice waist swivel for this beefy wrecking con!

The hips are on a ball joint which can go forward/backward to around a 75 degree bend and also split sidewards to a very nice range. Breakdown does have thigh swivels and a knee hinge that allows bending to almost 90 degrees. His ankles only have a hinge which you can use to flip his feet down.


Though beefy and short, Breakdown has a very satisfying poseability; given his points of articulation and his weapon. Breakdown can perform a very wide range of decent poses, especially when it comes to smashing his arm hammer.

He can indeed do dynamic action poses and also does not fail to look majestic even by just standing as is.

Of course, posing him with fellow Vehicons makes nice scenes.

Or doing some labor work together with his partner, Knock Out! Breakdown just really packs quite the deal for his poseability.

Final Thoughts

Breakdown is a very solid release by Takara; while it's a japanese market only release, I really don't feel disappointed for paying a higher price for him as he does indeed have a better worth than most RID Voyagers ever released, and hey, it's not a hefty price to pay as the mold is pure win; sure building Microns and applying stickers might not please everyone but once you complete it, it gives further satisfaction with the overall package! Arms Micron War Breakdown is definitely a highly recommended figure to get for any TF Prime collectors! 

I got this, once again, from my good friend, omniclone!

I give Breakdown a smashing 5 out of 5!

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