Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Review: Robots in Disguise Wheeljack

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 13.5cm tall
Original Price: 12.99 USD


Again, I had reviewed several RID releases prior to this, so, you can just look them up as I have the same comments for all of them. You can just read the bio and the tech specs as I've took some photos regarding them.

Details - Vehicle Mode:

True to the show, Jackie transforms into a futuristic sports car, a bit Mach-5-ish in a way if you ask me. Clearly, the car lacks some details but hey, the touch of the clear blue windshield is nice and the colored rear lights as well; what definitely made me wow is that despite the lack in the stylish details, they actually managed to have the rims painted in silver; that is like my major complaint in most of my previously reviewed TF Prime figures, haha. One additional note about RID Jackie is that the white paint ain't cheap, it's a very clean white, not like those from previous whiteformer figures like RTS Jazz and Generations Drift, so it's definitely a nice touch!

Additionally, while most TF figures have a hard time storing their weapons without looking awkwardly retarded, Wheeljack handles this quite nicely as his katanas can be stored beneath the car and they totally do not hinder the wheel movements.

Another feature is that you can clip the katanas in the bumper area and this turns the katanas into tusk-like weapons in his attack mode, but IMO, it looks stupid lol, so, I just prefer hiding them beneath. Likewise, you can also attach the katanas on the 5-mm ports  found on the sides of the vehicle mode.

Details - Robot Mode:

Starting up with the head sculpt, I think RID Jackie looks weird in some ways; it'll look weird in certain angles as the battle mask look a bit too big (and thankfully, they fixed this on the BH Retool of this mold). I'm not saying the head sculpt is bad though, it just looks "wrong" in certain angles.

Again, like in the vehicle mode discussion, he lacks some detailing in the bot mode, most obvious thing he's missing is clearly the Autobot symbol in his chest. RID Jackie is a very nice mold, it captures his rather dwarfy appearance in the show and the whole transformation has minor kibble in it (he also got his back fins too!). While the missing logo and lack of details certainly do not affect me, I do think the hollowness of his legs' back ruins the solidity of the mold by a bit.

As size comparison, below shows Jackie standing beside his friend and fellow wrecker, Bulkhead, as well as next to one of those con grunts, a land Vehicon (First Edition).

Wheeljack has a very good-looking lightpipe although one problem is that it's very hard to light up, so, you won't be seeing it often unless you directly shove a light source behind his head, but seriously, it looks badass when it does light up.


As mentioned in Vehicle Mode, Jackie comes with his trusty katanas, BOTH OF THEM. And even if he didn't come with a grenade, what else could you ask for? We often see Jackie fighting off cons with those 2 katanas anyway, so, the accessories are definitely proper and I'm really glad that Hasbro gave us 2 of them. :D

Articulation Points:

Jackie's head has a ball joint, and the range is quite decent for looking upwards and downwards, the side are a bit limited but to an extent, it's quite good to look sideways.

His arms can fully rotate 360 degrees, and the sidewards raise go to an extent of 45 degrees. His elbow joints bend to a fine 90 degrees; and his wrists use a mixture of swivel and hinge so this really gives Jackie a very decent range of how to wield his katanas.

His hips are also on a ball joint which bends to a decent range for forward/backward movement as well as sideways splitting. He does have thigh swivels while his knees can bend to a 90. Lastly, his ankles use ball joints which can give you some tilting capabilities. :D


Jackie is very capable of posing dynamically and he certainly can wield his katanas with style. I did try to use the SRC slash effect for his katanas, and he certainly look awesome with it. 

Wheeljack is certainly one of the TF Prime figures that I enjoyed posing around, he just looks damn awesome despite my complaint on the face, I guess the twin katanas really complete his character. Either standing or charging towards an enemy, Jackie definitely has that character with him in most poses you can think of.

Of course, what else to beat up than some con grunts wrecker-style! Additional pictures of Wheeljack beating up Vehicons below.

Final Thoughts:

RID Wheeljack was certainly something which didn't wow me at first until I got to play with it personally. Easily one of the strongest releases in the RID deluxes though not perfect in anyway, Wheeljack is definitely on my recommended list (aside from being one of my favorites from the show :p) as he is so worth his asking price.

Got Jackie on the local retail stores when they first arrived and I definitely regret nothing for buying him at srp!

I do give this wrecker an incredible 4.5 out of 5!

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