Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: First Edition Bulkhead

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 17cm tall
Original Price: 4410 yen


Like most transformers line boxes, they're pretty generic with only some pictures varying and as such for the First Edition Voyagers, the side cgs are changed as well as the product shots change but everything else is the same as that of Optimus Prime's.

And with those said and done, we now open up this Green Wrecker and see how worth he is!

Details - Vehicle Mode:

Bulkhead's alt mode is as what we see in the show, an all terrain truck; what made me get Takara's rendition was because of the green they used on him, Takara's FE Bulkhead is covered in a rich glossy, somewhat metallic dark green color which looks really awesome. The bars on the car are in full silver and the windshield has a nice transparency to it. Headlights are well painted and overall, just a decent and solid alt mode. Minor gripe is that the brown-ish color near the headlights look cheap but yeah, overall, Takara's Bulk is a stylish truck indeed.

As you might have noticed in one of the pictures above, the back section has a 5-mm port and you can indeed port anything 5-mm in there, more specifically his wrecking ball which doesn't look bad to boot.

Details - Robot Mode:

While the Alt mode received total praise from me, the bot mode of this powerhouse wrecker is even better! The mold is ridiculously screen accurate, the proportions are godly and the details are really nice. Bulkhead's head sculpt is great and Takara really stepped up their game with the choice of green they used. I think my only gripe with Takara's version is that I wish they used dark gray instead of the bronze color, but aside from my small gripe, I think FE Bulkhead is perfect and you can't get any more screen accurate than this. (unless of course Takara makes a Masterpiece of him lol)

Much like his rival Breakdown, Bulkhead's arms can fold to reveal a 5-mm port which serves more screen accurate goodness.

And using his wrecking ball and attaching it to the said port, it gives us another screen accurate recreation which gives the illusion that his hands turn into his wrecking pals.

As size comparison with Breakdown, Bulkhead actually stands a bit taller than the hammer swinging Decepticon.


As mentioned above, Bulkhead comes with his wrecking ball, but as most Transformers Prime figures I own, it does disappoint that they mostly come with just 1 instead of wielding 2 of their chosen weapon, since well, Prime characters (especially Bots) love to dual wield.

Articulation Points:

Bulk's got a ball joint on his neck but it really just goes sideways and almost little to none when tilting his head vertically.

His shoulders work on a hinge and swivel whic gives Bulkhead some decent range of raising his arms forward/backward and sideways; thanks to an extra hinge in his workings, his arm position can be adjusted forward/backward a bit with the shoulder joints as well. He does posses a bicep swivel and a hinge that lets him bend his arms to a really neat extent!

His hips work on a ball joint and does a full split sidewards while forward and backward movement allows to around a 45 degree movement. Thigh swivels are in while his knee hinge allows an almost 90 degree bending and it is double jointed.


Bulkhead certainly does well being a wrecking member of the Autobots, well, for non dynamic poses, he certainly isn't showing much of a wow factor; he does make a great partner for humans as he is with Miko on the show though.

With his fists clenched and wrecking ball ready, Bulkhead transforms into a really poseable figure.

Pair him with a Vehicon, and this green bot becomes even more dynamic and playable!

And best of all, he can brawl with Arms Micron Breakdown and they certainly scale well with each other and does indeed create decent fight scenes with one another.

Final Thoughts:

FE Bulkhead certainly looks boss and the mold is the best you can get in this time, seriously, if you can still find an FE Bulkhead, get it, it's so much worth compared to the RID/Arms Micron one;  both the Bot and Alt mode look great and the plastic doesn't feel cheap. Again, Takara's choice of paint was interesting but I think Hasbro's more screen accurate but yeah, always a choice of preference.  A really highly recommended figure from the Transformers Prime franchise.

Once again, I got this from my friend, omniclone.

Bulkhead gets a strong 4.5 out of 5.

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