Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Review: Mikudayo

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid 2
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 7,800 Yen


Mikudayo's box has quite an interesting pick of design, when I first saw the box, it immediately reminded me of Bandai Tamashii's S.H.Monsterarts line, mostly due to the font style of the "Mikudayo" label and since Dayo's been portrayed as a Dai Kaiju by some fanarts. Overall it's a simple box that features its key points quite frankly, a creepy face at one side and the back and whatever features it comes with on another as well as the back again. The figure is labeled under Hatsune Miku still but I think it's more appropriate to label it under Project Mirai since I believe that is where the once failed mascot iteration of nendoroid Miku (now known as Mikudayo thanks to memes) first appeared as a way to promote the game. XD


This articulated scaled figure has gone close to the original source as much as possible, from the soulless eyes and down to that matching creepy psychopathic smile which was just supposed to be nendo Miku in mascot form, haha.

Now the best and probably most prominent feature of this figure is the hair, the look and the build of the hair has been made as close as possible to an actual mascot. If many are curious as to how the hair feels when touched, it's as how you see it, as soft as felt paper. 

Without missing on details since it is partly a scaled figure, Mikudayo captures all of the details properly from wrinkles on the clothes and tie up to the simple yet always pleasing to look at details found on the original Miku's arm sleeves. All those good details included while overall painted in satisfactory metallic paint, Mikudayo does indeed seal the details department.

For size comparison, here it is standing next to a smaller version of it, the nendoroid petit Mikudayo!


Being a half scaled, half articulated figure, Mikudayo comes with a stand to support it (but mind you, it can stand without the stand), an extra left hand which can hold the real accessory, the lolipop. XD

Articulation Points:

Now this is where the best part comes, being a scaled version of Mikudayo, it does feature some articulation but of course, it's nowhere as poseable as the nendoroid one. Dayo's twintails has some ball joints I believe but due to the molding, it can really just function mostly as a swivel for the tails to swing forward and backward.

The head does move on a ball joint but there is one major catch, Dayo can barely rotate its head to the right but does move a bit more to the left which mostly caused by the molding inside that big creepy head.

Its arms can be raised up to around a 90 but again, the right falls a bit short since it collides with Dayo's microphone. Lastly, the hands does rotate on the wrists and basically that's it for articulation.


Much like Revoltech Danboard, Dayo doesn't really do much alone but it can indeed do a lot more and the fact that its face holds a lot of terror in it, makes it more enjoyable for scares and whatnot; and seriously, that lolipop? What kid would take a lolipop from such a creepy looking mascot? Ahahahaha!

Like what fanarts and memes do, Dayo certainly performs well as kaiju and destroying grunts like the Gundam Franchise's GM and in my case, TF Prime's Vehicon. The lolipop works exceptionally well as Dayo's weapon of choice which can be funny and creepy at the same time. :p

While it works well with crushing disposable goons, you can also prortray it as a regular sized kaiju for your tokusatsu figures. Below are two pictures of Mikudayo fighting with the Black Sun.

And as the last and my personal favorite function of Mikudayo, though it is not that ridiculously big, Mikudayo works well as one of those creepy Titans/Kyojins from the series, Shingeki no Kyojin. And as figma Mikasa is nearly released (a day or two) by this point of writing the review, I used my pseudo Titan Slayer, Sayaka.

Final Thoughts:

Was Mikudayo worth it? In my personal opinion, yes, aside from having a good creepy figure ready for halloween contest shoots, you also get a good opponent for your heroes and/or future titan slayers. Its details are fantastic and does actually make it feel that it's worth paying the price point since it is also poseable to boot. But of course, the figure is not without flaws and that if you just want a really poseable Dayo, gun for the nendoroid instead. 

I got mine from Great Toys Online. :D

I rate this creepy thing a freaky 4 out of 5!

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