Friday, December 24, 2010

Teasers: Takane Manaka and War Greymon

More articulateds for this time!

I know I haven't reviewed fifthStitch's request yet but heck, more~

First up is another nendo, Manaka Takane from the famed DS game Love Plus. So, pretty much, from just one review of nendos, the articulation system is pretty much the same unless it falls on the super moveable nendos. The main points for a review would be the accessories and whatnot, and for Manaka, well, let's just say she might not have a lot but still good enough and really really cute, I dunno really why I like Manaka so much even though I haven't played the game yet.

Nendoroid 111: Takane Manaka

Next up is the first release from Bandai's new D-Arts line, War Greymon. Basically features are identical to that of some Figuarts but still War Greymon does have some additional ones and that'll be tackled once the warrior of Courage gets reviewed.

D-Arts War Greymon

Well, that's it for today's teasers~

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  1. Seems pretty skewed to me, in favor of War Greymon, hehe. And don't play the game! You may end up marrying your console or whatever XD joke