Monday, February 14, 2011

Teasers: Around 2 Months Bulk of Figure Shoots

So, for the past month and late December I've been failing to deliver some teasers, but not to fear, I was just too busy shooting figures here and there and never found the time to actually post about them since a bulk of my weekends were spent by going outside.

But here they are, more than a dozen of teaser reviews but of course, with their number, I won't be able to give a short teaser description for each, but anyway, feel free to line up the reviews you want to see here in the next few weeks since Feb is a pretty dull month so far. So, I might be filling the blog with Reviews and Random Entries so it won't be that dead XD Figures here are separated by months (starting from late December to just Yesterday)

December 2010:

January 2011:

February 2011:

It's pretty much a mix of different lines since trading figures are even included in this bulk preview. Anyway, I've also updated the pending reviews to the match with all the current available figures to be reviewed upon request or by my random choice. XD Anyway, you know the drill, and note, you can always give a sequence of reviews you want to see, not just one XD

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  1. Definitely Hatsune Miku-Chogokin, then one of the transformers, preferably Soundwave, hehe