Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Hauls: Of Bots, Replacements and Gold

And here's my final wave of hauls for the month! :D

Cure White again!? Don't worry it's not really something I bought again :p

So yeah, about Cure White, remember that I said my first one had a defect? Well, the online shop replaced it for free (except for shipping, of course) and I still get to keep the old one to put at that :D And since she's here~ You can expect Cure Black and White reviews soon :>

Now that takes care of the replacement part in the title; Going to the bot, which is another Transformers haul and this time the mighty leader of the Decepticons, Megatron, in his War for Cybertron appearance. Basically I have always preferred the Takara ones over Hasbro especially with WfC Megs since the color is much much nicer in many ways. And yeah, I was caught up with this, the sci-fi revo skeleton or Human Alliance Shadow Blade Sideswipe and after a long time of thinking earlier, I figured UN Megs would be the harder find if his stocks go out like crazy.

And that's for the Bot part and now the Gold... Ever wondered what's inside that white box?

It actually contains a very rare (not to mention insanely expensive these days) nendoroid; and it's none other than Sharo! YES! THE GAME VERSION! I actually got lucky and got it for 6k yen without the game AND without her friggin' base (which also means I don't get her special connector so it can slide with ease on her back) But yeah, it's a pretty good deal, the nendoroid itself is complete and the base problem is actually not that big of a problem since it's nothing a di:stage can't handle but yeah, it stretches her muffler a bit but since it's soft material, no harm done! :D

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