Sunday, May 8, 2011

May Hauls: Weekend Waves

So yeah, the title says it all.

It's a mass of pretty much paid already hauls except for 2.

Well basically Dead Master, Black Gold Saw and Nadeko were paid already and I was just waiting for them to arrive; while SIC Cyclone Joker arrived last month but I asked my supplier to hold it for a while since I don't have enough yet by that time and that I'll be getting it once my other orders arrived after the end of last month, which did arrive last Thursday (D-Arts X and my sister's SHF SaGohZo), so, I finally got him home.

Lastly, like usual, a visit to Toy Kingdom tempts me into things, well, actually Steamhammer wasn't really a must buy but if I get Sledge, I needed to since the Constructicon Drones were the most suited for him IMO and well, Steamhammer's pretty cool himself except for the neon green that is. :p


  1. I also got my loot box this month :D Included Dead Master, Gokou Ruri (Ore No Imouto), and Dizzy (Guilty Gear).

    Dead Master looks really good next to the Black Rock Shooter Animation Ver. :D Can't wait for Black Gold Saw to come out!

    .. And Black Rock Strength!

  2. ^ wow, Dizzy, I really want one too but she's too expensive for me at the moment >.<