Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma #76 Sakuya Izayoi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 13.5cm tall
Original Price: 2,800 Yen

Because blogspot is annoying (a week has passed and the original review still hasn't been restored ALONG with its comments), here is the re-review of Sakuya. So, a new set of words but probably the same content otherwise...

Figure Box:

Similarly to other Touhou releases, you get the wide figma box and as probably a trend in design for the series (since I only have 2 for the meantime), the box design is from a certain place in Gensokyo, and for Sakuya's case, it's none other than the Scarlet Devil Castle and filtered over by an eye-pleasing shade of blue which wins Sakuya's box for me and after that, you get the typical figma title card, with her name below in jap and in english as well as her figma number on the lower left.

Figure Details:

Pratically, we all know (or maybe not XD) that Sakuya is the maid of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and thus, as you can picture, she does, in fact, wear a maid outfit. For a small articulated figure, I have to say I love her outfit details, they're just right for the scale of the figure not so rough and not so high end, I just love the frills and all, as well as the blue used to color her outfit.

Probably one of the best things to here would be that her braids are actually made of soft material, meaning they are flexible, a good touch to avoid any possible hindrance with her head later in the articulation section. However, similarly to probably all of the Touhou releases, Sakuya's skirt is made of hard PVC, thus giving one a lesser array in the poseability later on.

Lastly, I really love how Max made her dagger hilt in her left thigh, actually useful, you can really insert Sakuya's dagger there, though you would have to go through a process of popping her left leg out and then insert the dagger before attaching it again to Sakuya's hips; a really well-made gimmick IMO. ^^


Accessory-wise, Sakuya is heavily armed: she comes with a mop, her dagger, 6 throwing knives, a hand with the luna clock, a set of hand pairs, two extra faces: a smiling one (good for yandere-ish shots which you'll see later) and a really cool serious face, a figma stand and a set of decals which you can attach to her hair piece to add comic relief emoticons to her.

In case you did not know of my Sakuya's problem, well, be sure to check the hand sets once you get one as included there is a pair of hands that's pretty exclusive to Sakuya, you should spot on two fist-like hands with holes in between her fingers, remember... TWO of them, and your unlucky blogger got only one as a QC issue (and I never had a chance to have it replaced since I opened her many months after I got her). So be sure to double check upon acquisition.

Now going to that hand, it's pretty neat that the knives are actually separate this time, something Reimu could've used for her talismans, but as separate as they may be, these throwing knives are really tiny pieces of soft plastic so you might lose them if you're not careful enough. Anyway, going back, you can insert a total of 4 of these knives in one hand but to be an equal distribution for the two hands, you should go for a distribution of 3 each. Which I think is weird since they could've just given use 8 since the plastic doesn't seem that costly.

Now as a bonus for figmas number who knows and succeeding, there's always a cut-out included for us to use into Max Factory's separate stands called di:stages. And Sakuya's cut out is a decent blue filtered clock symbol, which really looks neat even if I didn't use it. XD


Now for articulation, similarly to a majority of figmas, she's got figma joints all over her body: the neck, the shoulders, the elbows, the knees and the ankles. While her torso and hips are powered by ball joints.

Armed with her load of accessories, Sakuya can do basically a number of poses especially action poses as this maid is prepared anytime. Two cons with her articulation are generally her shoulder joints and the usual skirt. But anyway, going on to these by detail, her shoulder is limited due to her clothes' design actually, because of the extra frills sticking out in the shoulder, the minimal excess plastic acts as a hindrance as her shoulder is already puffed out because of the outfit design already. Now her skirt as compared to Reimu, is more free since she does have shorter skirt overall, you can really bend up her legs a little more but yeah, the hard material really just gets in the more since even with soft material, you're already limited. But yeah, overall, she's still well articulated so you still go do some pretty awesome poses for her all in all. Oh yeah, I also want to say how neat her balance is, if you'd noticed, her shoes has heels on them but despite that, Sakuya can really stand well on her own without the use of stands just fine.

Final Thoughts:

Sakuya was a sure get for me since she was the main heroine in Koumajou II and pretty much next to Reimu and Flan, she comes as my 3rd fave in the Touhou franchise. So yeah, interested in a vampire hunter-ish maid? Then pick up Sakuya but I wouldn't really suggest her until I see Remilia come to figma life, unless you really love Sakuya or at least how she looks like, I guess there are better alternatives (and I really think the figutto rendition is a better alternative though not scale wise) XD but for just figmas, well, then she's pretty recommended since she does have some exclusive hands which are useable also by a number of other figmas.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 10


  1. nice review of sakuya! (although I probably said this on your lost review LOLOLOLOL)and your yandere pics are scary XD

    ~still too bad you didn't get the other knife-holding hand~ bwahahahahahhahahah >:D

  2. ^ It's okay I guess, I don't use them for display anyway =)) ahahaha, and yesssssssss, I make them yandere pics as "painful" looking as possible :))