Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Power Core Combiners Undertow with Waterlog

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Power Core Combiners
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 12cm tall
Original Price: 10 USD

Figure Blister Card:

As usual, I'm skipping over the box design comments here; as for his art, well, he does sport a very nice jet boat with ridiculous armaments all over it, so yeah, art's pretty nice but I guess it's a little deceiving though. :p

Figure Details:

Undertow's a jetboat in his alt mode; while at the same time being really armed to the teeth as he does have a lot of guns and blasters pre-equipped already making him the most unique power core commander since aside from being the only aquatic transport vehicle in the line, he's also the only one who's ridiculously armed and can stand alone even without a partner. Though even as unique as he is, he still looks pretty off in certain points especially at the back where you see his hands and his legs all folded where his robotic crotch is sticking out like crazy. 0_o and also there's the usual complaint from me where the power core pegs are also sticking out. But yeah, he looks decent enough in other angles just avoid seeing the back but yeah, he's not that great overall compared to how Huffer and his black counterpart, Crankcase, were.

Now his bot mode, I really like it since he sports this SPT Layzner-ish head for some reason while at the same time having a rather well proportioned body though the downside of his bot mode is that he has his powerlinx port sticking out flipped out from the start while his back is very very barren with lots of visible bolts; now the most ridiculous part of his bot mode is his legs since it's the exact ridiculous opposite of Backfire's where instead of the bulk armor sticking out to his external parts, it's sticking out inwards to where the leg gaps are which is... really awkward for his bot design and I kinda dig his "shoulder pads" even if they are the combiner pegs; it looks quite nice.

The biggest factor still is have arm mounter gattling guns which can be flipped out to give him his own weapons instead of relying on his minicon partner, Waterlog

Now for his partner, Waterlog. Waterlog's overall in clear dark green plastic which is nice and I think really gets a nice blend with Undertow's color scheme; at the same time, Waterlog sports quite a unique head where he is depicted as wearing goggles of sorts.

Now unlike the other minicons, Waterlog is one of those who only has two modes, which I'll be going with the robot weapon first, he basically transforms into a double barreled blaster which i think would look better with others since this + Undertow's gattling gun, well, it doesn't really do quite well for me but yeah, you can always choose to flip the guns back in to have Undertow use Waterlog as his main weapon.

One of the best things about this blaster mode is that Waterlog sports his own peg so you basically port him in any other Transformers with 5mm ports on them.

His other mode, is both the powerup armor AND the vehicle mode weapon, and it works well with both, when ported on Undertow's chest, it's pretty much one of the more convincing armors in the entire line while as a weapon, it looks great and IMO even better than the robot mode weapon version. Although this time, it needs to stick onto a powerlinx port.


Starting off with Undertow's head, he's got a swivel in his neck so yeah, it's not much but still better than nothing. :D

Going to his arms, his shoulder has ball joints and as you know, these or swivel with hinges are your best range for shoulder articulation right now and what's even more amazing is that he has double jointed elbows similar to Darkstream and some others where the lower half is a ball joint which will allow you to rotate his arms even if he doesn't have any bicep swivel.

His hips moves on a swivel-hinge so you've pretty much got a ball joint-like greatness already, additionally like most Transformers, you have a thigh swivel and a hinge on the knee and thanks to his just right knees, he can kneel pretty well.

Overall, he's a pretty cool poseable figure, though, you'd find it to a point where you won't actually want to flip out the guns and most definitely when you have him wield Waterlog but yeah it's more of a personal preference as others would downright make this guy a weapon of mass destruction by equipping a lot of stuff onto him.

Final Thoughts:

Well, he's not pretty awesome but still a worth it get and not to mention he's a little rare (at least in here) since he's from the final wave of the PCC line, so yeah, and he together with his minicon is one of the last few new molds you would see in the line. So pretty recommendable and oh yeah, this guy does have some light piping with him though it's not that great but very VERY Layzner-ish because of it. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8
Price 9


As usual, this section isn't up yet but below would be sneak preview of his Torso mode which sports a rather fun and very unique head together with two shoulder mounted guns.

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