Sunday, July 17, 2011

July Hauls: Articulated Invasion

A bunch of Hauls from Yesterday

Kind of a lot of unexpected goods too!

Anyway, my real hauls would be only SHF Cure Sunshine and Nendoroid Airi since well, that SIC 58 there is just the half, I agreed to with a friend to get the half since I don't like Heat Metal and I don't really plan on displaying half changes as well, and basically LunaTrigger is my favorite among the first 3 full changes but I still haven't payed for it yet so yeah, I only got to take it home early XD. As for the other stuff in there, I attended the 10th anniversary party of Great Toys Online. And thanks to some fun games and the raffle, I have some extra stuff and especially an unexpected haul was with me which I won from the raffle, surely, prizes and gifts are a keeper for me, so what do I do with this thing? you'll find out soon XD

Lastly, I also got some freebie posters from the party and luckily one of the 2 I got was Kamen Riders Ichigo and Nigo (F YEAH!)

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