Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Review: [Bandai] D-Arts Black War Greymon

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Digimon Adventure 02
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 3,465 Yen

Figure Box:

As a traditional exclusive, Black War Greymon gets the good ol' brown box of exclusivity (lol!) but yeah, that's much more of an extra protective gear for the box; so going to the real box, Black War Greymon gets this rather better designed box than War Gremon, sporting a black with shades of green all over as well as some purple slash effects on the box (Nemesis Prime colors, lol!) But yeah, it's still pretty plain and not as awesome as the one Omegamon had.

Figure Details:

A direct repaint of War Greymon as he should be, Black War Greymon sports shades of silver, gold and glossy matte black finish, and is done quite decently; though I would appreciate it if it was metallic, I think the matte finish was a more suited approach so kudos bandai. As a main difference as from the color scheme, it's that Black War Greymon's shield on his back doesn't have the courage symbol in it, thus making it the only "new" thing in this mold.

While overall, I like it just the way how Black War Greymon should be (he is my favorite Digimon of all), there's one fatal flaw on this figure's details for me. That certain flaw would be his eyes, though it's not all bad, it just looks scary as the pupil is smaller than War Greymon's making it a semi crazed one even if Black War Greymon should've had the same eyes as War Greymon originally. But yeah, that could easily be fixed for some but me, I'm too afraid to do so lol! But yeah, still the same complaint about the chrome nails in the drammon claws though on a side note, it's better in terms of blending with Black War's color scheme.

As a little note for comparison, here he is with War Greymon!


Probably the most annoying thing ever, he's really JUST A REPAINT, bandai never bothered giving him a different effect part but still stuck with that sucky charging phase of a Gaia Destroyer. I think it does sport a slightly different color but yeah, I think a lot of people really didn't enjoy this effect part from War Greymon, so if you didn't then you won't in here as well.


Articulation is totally the same as War Greymon's as they didn't even try to improve on some of War Greymon's slightly loose feel of joints but yeah, you can just read the articulation discussion over at War Greymon's (which is also at an old review format).

Despite the bad eyes, Black War Greymon's color scheme does prove more appropriate to more hostile types of poses all over, almost as if he's built to attack (and he supposedly was) This digimon just rocks more than War Greymon in giving off a stylish feel.

Final Thoughts:

Even though Black War Greymon's my favorite he'd likely get a low score because of 3 reasons; 1. His final production is a little off, 2. He's an exclusive with almost no changes (hey even Eternal's recolor had at least a different cape!) and 3. Being an exclusive that he is, he's pretty pricey for those outside Japan, so, yeah, definitely not worth his price and I would only recommend getting him IF and ONLY IF you're a Black War Greymon fan like me since this is probably the best one you can get right now. But as for other who only want the mold, go for War Greymon as he's more worth your money.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Price 7


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