Thursday, August 25, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid 150 Snow Miku -Tanoshii Yuki Asobi Edition-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 4,000 yen

Figure Box:

Now the box is pretty identical to the old Snow Miku though the epic snow crystals are now shifted to the clear plastic window instead of using it on the cardboard box which is still nice especially that big snow crystal on the center but compared to the old one, Tanoshii Yuki Asobi (Snow Playtime or Fun Snow Play in literal means) has a ridiculously GIGANTIC BOX and it's because of something that's included in the set and also because Yuki Asobi has quite a number of accessories bundled with her. Though I don't get amazed by boxes, I'm really amazed at this one mostly due to the size of the box.

Figure Details:

Generally, the Yuki Asobi edition takes on a completely new mold which now features a completely slimmer body and legs and even the face of Miku got slimmer by a little while the arms got a little bit chubbier due to the implementation of joints; this new mold also now wears earmuffs with a snowflake on the center of the earpieces which is really cute and effective.

Overall, the details are still good such as the snow flake details all over her hair and also retaining that glass-like hair tip that I loved so much on the first Snow Miku. The uniform is now more white which effects even more as someone that is called SNOW Miku. Probably the only detail gripe I have for her is that if you want her knee joints straight up, well, those keyboard-ish detail on her arm sleeves looks so indented to the front but then again, that's just me nitpicking since there's a swivel to fix that on a standing pose (but for others... good luck). XD


Since the Yuki Asobi features a full on articulated frame, there aren't any extra legs and arms anymore; her accessories include a scarf perfect for winter, and further adding to the coldness gear is a pair of gloves/mittens with another snowflake design in the center. Aside from these, she also comes with a right hand that can hold her glass like leek which also comes again in this package. If you don't like the mufflers, GSC also provided the original Miku headphones in this set so you can always choose to swap around if you want; she also comes with a stand like all nendos do and lastly, a snowman in Hachune face and a having a leek as the arm which is loads of fun to play with XD As for the face plates, she comes with a really hnghhhhhhhhhh embarrassed face as well as another Hachune face (along with hairpiece) that seems to be inspired from the Hachune Miku version years ago XD

Another additional and the main reason for the big box is that she comes with a molding tray, which you can make to create ice cubes and even Choco Mikus! (perfect for profit lol)

On a side note since I don't know where to place it... Hachune's got a little problem (remember that pic at MFC? LOOOOL)

Hey isn't this familiar? Yes, a scene like that from D-Arts X? Then you got it right, apparently, your very unlucky blogger here got hit yet again by sloppy effin' failure of a quality control. My Yuki Asobi has TWO right palms and ZERO left palm, I tried to swap other hands but it's a different hand... even the skin tone is different >:v Luckily, I contacted my supplier and he's got an extra so I'll have mine replaced soon enough :3


Yuki Asobi edition again, as mentioned a few times above, possesses a fully jointed frame which means she's got what can be considered the godly nendo articulation in current standards. Yuki Asobi Miku has the following joints:
- Nendo joints on the Neck and the twintails
- Swivel + hinge mixes on her shoulders
- Bicep and wrist swivels
- Hinge elbows and knees
- Ball joints on the torso hips (the torso joint also acts as a waist swivel iirc XD)

The full-on articulation points does certainly and instantly boost all the fun on this Miku as a single hand product and using particularly other faces will help boost her fun factor (but I didn't bother getting other faces in this shoot cause I was lazy in getting them). The joints allow you to do a lot of different poses such as a rider kick and whatnot (especially with that shy face of super cuteness!) and because of her hair, you won't even need a stand if you'll just play with her on ground shots since the hair already does that pretty well. The snowman is also tons of fun mainly because the piece itself is a nendoroid petit and you can switch its head with other petits and it's completely compatibale. Overall the joints are really really good and though on a universal level, it still lacks a lot, on a nendo level, it's freakin god like already. As for Hachune... well, it's Hachune... nuff said XD

Final Thoughts:

Yuki Asobi Miku is definitely a winner and choosing between the two super poseable Mikus, I must say this nails it better than the HMO. Articulation is superb, detail is as well (except the minor nitpick) and accessories are super fun. Aside from that you also get a tray which can earn you some $$$ if you're hardworking enough to produce chocos and whatnot from it. :3 Yuki Asobi edition is definitely a highly recommended Miku AND Nendoroid set. O w O b

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Accessories 10
Price 10

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