Monday, August 8, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Marvel Universe No. 16 A.I.M. Soldier

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Strange Tales
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 11cm tall
Original Price: 7 USD

Figure Blister Card:

The package is quite small since this figure is also small as he is, similar to how hasbro package their TFs on card, the A.I.M. Soldier comes with its own artwork and is true for all marvel universe releases. There's a hammer logo beside the name plate on the card packaging. You also clearly see everything that comes with the figure.

Figure Detail:

The A.I.M. Soldier has a a very bright yellow paint app while it's supposed to be a little darker if basing from the artwork in the package. the body frame also does look kind of off since instead of having excess sleeve on their shoulder pads, the figure looks like it's more of a muscled man in yellow tights and the belt was also supposed to have more bags for weapon storage but eh, really gripe are the weird body proportions really XD


Accessories, the AIM soldier doesn't even come with the gun he's holding on the art (lol, really sucks) but instead come with a bazooka of sorts and a small blaster that looks like an alien gun. XD Another thing is that he comes with a stand of his own with the imprint of "A.I.M. Soldier" and the figure's number which is 16. There's also a Top Secret mini envelope that comes with it.

Opening the envelope contains this letter which I have no idea about since, well, I don't really read marvel comics. There's also a card with the same art from the package and lastly a small note which you can enter online at to reveal something which I also didn't test. XD


For the joints, AIM soldier has a neck swivel but it literally sucks, since the neck barely moves...

The ab crunch joint is, on the other hand, is pretty flexible; pretty nice flex for that ball joint there and is a pretty nice comeback from the failure of a neck joint.

The shoulder joint is basically a somewhat ball joint but the arms actually click in place after adjusting it a bit. He also has a bicep and wrist swivel and a 90 degree bending hinge.

The legs have the same clicky ball joints on the hips, a thigh swivel. The knees impressively has a double jointed hinge perfect for kneeling 8'D And lastly, the ankle has an almost immovable joint so, yay...

So yeah, despite quite impressive joints, I don't really think the poseability was great, it was supposed to be impressive but, in reality, it's just not, he's really just good enough to be a punching bag for something, though posing him around with his both weapons was quite fun at the very least.

The blaster might look weird at times and it actually does look weird to me XD So I decided to give it Alternity Nemesis Prime and IT LOOKS AWESOME!

Final Thoughts:

Luckily for me, I just got this guy for free as a raffle prize during Great Toys Online's anniversary party, but at the price of 7USD... Well, I guess you should just get other stuff unless you're really into marvel and you want to army build these guys but for one fun factor, he does serve as an excellent punching bag for my figure (remember Cure Sunshine's review?)

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8
Accessories 9
Articulation 8
Price 8

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