Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma EX-006 Kuroi Mato

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 2,500Yen

Figure Box:

Still possessing the same box design as the rest of the characters that were previously released, Mato still uses the same checkered appeal though this time on a standard figma box size as opposed to the wide boxes used for the ones already released and Mato uses a somewhat purplish color. Again, the same style follows, the figma logo, the name below the figma logo and the number beside (in Mato's case, EX-006 for being the 6th Event Exclusive release) and there's also the BRS project logo in the upper left corner of the front, side and back remain the same as they're a bunch of product shots.

Figure Detail:

As what you can expect from a school uniformed figma, the details would be rather underwhelming since they're usually plain... But still, a pretty good rendition by Max Factory and her white lines despite being really thin, are painted nicely, not much excess and rough lining are visible on her, so, kudos to Max Factory for a job well done on the details. her joints are also well hidden with the exception of the ones located on the skin. Apparently, her true sweet detail lies on her skirt; while still the same old soft/bendy plastic as most skirts of figmas, Mato's skirt is layered! What does layered skirt actually do? You'll have to find out in the articulation section :D


Mato comes with the standard figma stand that every character comes with when release; also, she has 3 pairs of generic figma hands on the hand set holder and one unique right hand which is used to peg to her basketball accessory; so, if you buy one, immediately check the hand set holder, so, no Sakuya incident of mine ever happens to you people before it's too late. As for the faceplate, Mato comes with 2 alternate faces, a really cheerful smile and a very very scheming smirk that's perfect for any trolling scenes (which you'll also see later! 8D).

For unique accessories, aside from the ball mentioned above, Mato comes with alternate shoes which would be her school shoes instead of the rubber shoes she, by default, comes with. Additionally, she also has her school bag, detailed down with a basketball keychain to give you more joy XD Lastly, she comes with, her probably most important item, her blue cellphone ,though instead of porting it to one of the available hands, is already attached to a right hand.


Though still possessing the same joints all over as the others, I'd like to go through this bit by bit since Mato has a certain special surprise for people. Her neck still uses the figma joints and thankfully enough to the power of short hair, Mato's neck movement is very very free. Additionally, her pig tails are both ball jointed and these can of course add more dynamic factor since you can initiate a real motion shot with her hair moving and all. ^^

Arms still consist of figma joints on the shoulders and the elbow while there's a hinge on the wrists whose connectors also act as swivels. Her uniform does limit her straight 360 degree rotation, which means she can't raise her arms upwards in a straight 90 degree manner. But it's nothing big for me XD

Her abdomen does have the usual joint but it's barely noticeable and moveable as the usual with most japanese figures. XD Anyway, moving on the legs, not this is where the surprise is. Remember the layered skirt? Thanks to that particular approach Mato can freely SIT and even split, something which a majority of figmas from before cannot effin' do and Mato's actually my first uniformed figma to be able to do this so it's a BIG plus for me. But aside from this, the joints are the usual figma joints on her hips, knees and ankles, so you'd probably know how much they can move to their limits.

Though just your average school uniformed character, Mato has a big deal of playability thanks to her accessories and the epic layered skirt of awesomeness. Mato can do quite a number of stuff from just being the happy go lucky girl that she is to ridiculous amounts of trollism thanks to the pointing hands and the ever evil smirk face.

Of course, no shoot is complete without her other self, the title character, Black ★ Rock Shooter.

And as promised here's a little 3-panel Mato trolling! XD With special guest of one of my favorite Nendos, Sharo!

Mato: Hey Sharo! Wanna play basketball? Toys usage allowed~
Sharo: Sure, I'd love to, Mato-chan~

Mato: *throws ball* Here! Play with it!
Sharo: ooof!

Sharo: *cries*
Mato: And that's... how you "play" basketball~

Final Thoughts:

Even for an event exclusive figma, Mato's pretty much worth every penny she is, at least for me since I got her for quite a good price from one of my suppliers. ^^ Mato is just a pretty fun figure overall and her play value is second to none thanks to her win of a troll face (which I haven't felt as enjoyable in a long while since figma Reimu's drunk face was created). And for a figma, I'd highly recommend her to anyone even if they're not into the former super hyped BRS series. Well, that's it for my review~ :D

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 10
Price 10

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