Monday, May 16, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid #122 Sharo

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 10,290 Yen

Set Contents:

Well, if you've been reading my posts before, you'd know how I got my Sharo. So, yeah, I'd just do a quick run on these since I don't really have them. XD As you all know (or not), Sharo's an exclusive nendoroid (which explains the high original yen price), bundled with the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes PSP Game Limited Edition along with the Game's OST and, like her petit counterpart, a weiss schwarz card set. (according to amiami anyway)

But anyway, here's a link of how her box actually looks like; it's a actually a pretty decent box if you ask me and it's appealing enough, I mean, I just love that checkered cloth-like pattern there and the use of brown just makes it appealing.

Figure Details:

Stunningly appealing in every way, Nendoroid Sharo has really great details, I mean those frills, those cute ring-shape hair, her pinkness; they're all pretty much building up to show you how super cute Sharo is, and unlike her petit counterpart, her Muffler's actually a separate piece made of soft material which explains why even if I don't have her base AND special connector, I can use the special connector-less base or di:stage as substitute and still manage to peg them on her back which was a pretty nice touch. Her hat is still very well made and the jewel in the ribbon on the left side of her hat actually looks like a jewel; a really well-made hat and it actually has a peg inside which you'll be inserting to a hole on her front hairpiece so that her hat would stay attached and won't come off.


Sharo doesn't have much, she has a ribbon, a notebook (according to my acquaintance and certified nendo addict who owns a complete box set of this, Alexander, but I got 2 anyway, hmmm, in exchange for the base I guess? XD), a magnifying glass, a pair of bent arms, a pair of fists and a right hand which can hold the magnifying glass and a pretty decent amount of 3 more extra faces/expressions (all of which are SUPER cute in their own definition). (>v<)

Similarly to her petit, you can switch her Hat with her ribbon and peg the ribbon into the very same hole you peg the hat into.

A certain detail caught my attention with her magnifying glass, since the glass itself actually gives more impression that it really magnifies, but I really don't think it is anyway. A great optical illusion if you ask me :D


Well, like most non-super moveable nendos, she basically has a swivel in her shoulders and waist, while her hips and neck is powered by nendo joints. Her hair rings look like they're powered by swivels but I didn't bother adjusting them since they're attached tightly and the peg might break if I force it.

Sharo's articulation is actually heavily limited due to her muffler, and even if I did have the special connector, it wouldn't make much difference anyway, you basically can just swivel her arms a bit and the muffler would mostly get in the way, if you do force it, it may come off (happened to me a lot here) But you can actually choose to remove her muffler and give her a wider range.

Ryoko wants the muffler

And she got it... :p

While actually doing so makes Sharo kinda lacking in many ways, so, better keep that muffler intact.

But still overall even with her limited articulation, she does look really cute thanks to her many faces of HNGHHH-ness and yeah, you'd only really need to raise her arm actually so you can have a better pose with the magnifying glass.

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, even with the upcoming nendoroid Sharo -anime version-, the game version still pretty much takes the cake because of her ftw faces which can be used in virtually a lot of nendoroid fun sessions. Her articulation might be a little meh but it still doesn't cancel the fact she is probably one of the cutest nendos around. Given you have a chance to grab her at a fair price (her price is quite insane these days), grab it, the faces alone make her so much worth it; definitely a good nendo to get. Oh yeah, the images links were from a japanese review of Sharo that came out months ago.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 9

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