Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma SP-34 Takanashi Yomi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Black ★ Rock Shooter
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 13.5cm tall
Original Price: 2,800 Yen

Figure Box:

The overall box is pretty much identical to that of Mato's but like her evil persona's color, Yomi uses a shade of green as her color scheme for the box; it's still the very same checkered design you've seen in my past 5 BRS series figma reviews.

Figure Details:

Yomi's upper half is pretty much the very same mold as that of her best friend, Mato's. One thing that I really liked is that her hair color is correct this unlike that of the Petit's brownish hair. XD Her head is once again an almost identical piece to her dark persona, Dead Master, since they have the exact same hair, it's just that Yomi's hornless.

The upper half aside from the head is pretty much reused from Mato's since they do attend the same school; the difference comes from the lower half as Yomi has a much longer skirt and she does have shorter socks and it's white as opposed to Mato's longer blue socks; the skirt remains layered and in soft plastic, so, yay!


Her accessories are similar to Mato's, she has a hand with a black phone and it's on the left this time. Two faceplates, a gentle smile that's a perfect fit for her character and a somewhat annoyed/serious face which is useful for different scenes; she does come with the usual handsets with two special hands which you might want to check upon acquisition; one should be a left hand to hold her volleyball while the other is a right hand which has her ring finger(?) bent.

As for other accessories, she comes with a bag as well but you'll have to force grip it since it's strapless; she also comes with gym shoes as an extra and the usual figma stand. :3

Her di:stage cutout, which I forgot to take a shot of again, is the typical star inside a circle in yellow color (dunno why though XD)


Joints are your typical figma joints all over: neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles; ball joints on her torso and hips withe the hinge with swiveling peg for the wrists. As far as the limitations are concerned she's pretty fine with the exception of the shoulder joints since you can't have her arms raised upwards in a straight manner due to the bulk of her sleeves. As for the hips, it's pretty much fine since she does have another layered skirt which allows a good sitting position once again.

She's good on her own but as opposed to Mato's epic troll face, Yomi's more on the "dark" feel and that serious face works like a friggin' charm for those type of shots. And while I'm not quite familiar with volleyball, I wasn't able to make good use of it XD The cellphone and bag have their own functions of course but its pretty much gonna function the same as how it did on Mato's.

Of course, Yomi's always best displayed with her best friend but do note that it just adds to her play value but on solo, Yomi's pretty good and I mean it since I'm more on serious type of shots when it comes to non chibi action figures. XD Of course, she's also good with her other world identity, Dead Master.

Originally, I thought Yomi would give DM more faces but Max can troll alright since you can't do so unfortunately XD You can opt to switch her hands and head with DM's body and it's still pretty good IMO or shall I say, cosplay~

Doing so also allows you to recreate one scene I really loved back in the OVA 8D

Final Thoughts:

So pretty much to sum it up, though it's almost a reusedframe, Yomi still has her own uniqueness in the field given her different unique handsets and the somewhat different lower half of the body; As I loved Mato's for her troll face I also loved Yomi's serious face on a different level since it totally fits her jealous little self. Accessories were as everything that you would need from the OVA and hey, she's cheap AND a standard release, so, she's a very good get for me (but that's probably me being biased or being contented easily XD)

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Accessories 10
Price 10


  1. agreed with u, Yomi is a very solid figma on her own and cosplaying her is fun :)

    her shoulder parts could be better

  2. ^ totally agree :) but still, she's pretty worth it given her price point, right? XD