Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Collecticon 2011

And here I am again to invite people XD

And the event's on the coming weekend already!

Well, as you might've noticed back in the previous month I haven't posted much new reviews, well, that's because I've been busy as half of the month's weekends were taken by displays held by Team Onii-chan. And as for late sharing of the displays of the past 2 events, my facebook page has the albums in it and if you want to see do check them out: Otaku Expo and Best of Anime. I wasn't able to blog about them since I was busy at work during those times. XD

And now, this coming weekend, Team Onii-chan will, yet again, have another display at Collecticon 2011 at Robinsons Midtown. For starters, I'll have D-Arts Omegamon, Rockman X
and Zero -1st version-, as well as Nendoroid Cirno again for display this time. So, once again, I would like to invite local readers to please drop by and check out Team Onii-chan as well as other toy groups' displays this weekend! ^^

Also, I'll be part of the stage discussion for Team Onii-chan which will be 30 minutes for us to discuss about the toylines we collect and I'll be up for a discussion on
figmas; I think we'll be discussing on stage at around 1:30pm on Day 1 (Saturday). XD


  1. Wow, saan yang Midtown Mall? Haha, sorry, searched the net and couldn't find it exactly. Is that the Robinson's close to DLSU?