Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Hauls: Of Boundaries, Swords and Stardust

First wave of last half hauls

Got them earlier too XD (Starscream not included of course loool)

So after a looooong while, I finally got another Scaled figure, and it's not just any scaled figure, it's also my very first Touhou Project scaled figure. :3 And it's none other than Phat's Yukari! Upon feasting my eyes on her the moment her orders went up, I really loved the figure and the final certainly does not fail to meet expectations, I'll be posting the review very soon (Hopefully within the week ^^)

As for the other, my once disliked now turned into the very favorite character from Madoka, Sayaka finally arrived in the form of a kyun-chara from the 1st ichibankuji release of banpresto for the series, really happy to get it XD She's cute hahahaha XD

Lastly, my friend opened up a group buy from chara-ani's trading figs for ore imo and since I like Meruru and he was only after Kirino, I opted to get Meruru immediately and here she is now and I've been singing Meteor Impact since earlier this week looooooool. Anyway, that's all for today's hauls XD

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