Thursday, January 12, 2012

First Wave of 2012 Hauls

More articulateds... More figures on the backlog

But eeee, I will get there eventually XD

These were my hauls back in the weekends, while Miku arrived already late last month, it was only last weekend that I was able to pick her up along with Dark Precure. While all of my articulated hauls have no double hands and whatnot problem, the sad and slightly annoying part is that my Dark Precure, which is also a Tamashii Web exclusive, got hit with some serious QC paint issues, having quite a ridiculous amount of out of place silver on her hair which homerunchan noticed while I was checking the joints. XD

Anyway, the last of my hauls is actually an impulse buy in the form of Banpresto's prize figure of Miki Sayaka. While the initial impressions had that derpy look, banpresto managed to pull it off by improving on it for the final product which looked nice after seeing some pics and thus, lead to getting it.

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