Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Look Back into Ozine Festival Anime Figure Special

So here it is!

Like my previous Onii-chan event posts I won't be covering everything but I'll still provide links where you can actually view more pictures taken on the event. XD

And before we start, kudos to the Team Onii-chan members and lenders for their hard work and dedication for setting up around 3/4 of what we had on the final display count during the ingress which was a day before the event. XD

Again, this is the first japanese figure-centered convention (not to mention 2011's last and biggest display for the team) here in the Philippines so it is quite an honor as both an admin and a member of Team Onii-chan to have participated in it!

One of my main focuses here would be the number of Touhou figures present which we actually pushed for even though it's a game and not really an anime. XD

The ingress was actually my first time to open this gorgeous Alice by Ques Q.

My good friend, Onii-chan, also brought along his newly acquired Remilia and it proved to be one of the biggest highlights of the event especially for Touhou fans who dropped by. XD

Fellow Touhou fanatic, Chevreuse, also brought along quite a number of Touhou Scaled Figures around. (Thanks for bringing along Keine as well! I've decided to get her finally XD)

Andddd as I promised in my Yukari review, I lent her for the display!

Most of the Nendos for Touhou was lent by homerunchan. XD

Of course, aside from Touhou, there's the usual K-On!, BRS, Vocaloid displays and additionally there's also one for Bakemonogatari and Fate/ series (unfornately I wasn't able to take photos of the Fate/ series >.<)

Vocaloid figmas up and almost complete! (lacking cheerful Miku)

The K-On petites, this is probably the best shot I took on the event's duration.

Dat Azusa... really a lolicious figure I must say and I'm tempted to get one for myself! D:

GSC Mayoi looking sexy and all, makes you want to be Araragi huh? And maybe the owner, Alex, had already entered Araragi mode? XDDD

Many thanks to Zykes for lending this marvelous masterpiece of a loli named Strength. I definitely will get one once I have the funds.

And of course, we had a general lineup of scaled figures, chibis and articulateds in store for the event goers as well.

Alter's KOS-MOS version 4 makes a first (I think) in our displays as lent by our very own GK master, vhayste.

An array of male figures were also present in the form of Kenshin, Ichigo and the bishies of Hakuoki. XD

Once piece also makes a comeback on this event!

One of the most eyecatching thing for the display was the sea of pink in the form of several Madoka nendoroids with different faceplates and also of the cute (and dame dame) detective, Sharo in the form of her game version nendoroid.

Homura also comes in two different versions, her past and present appearances.

There's also Jehuty, notable for being the only revoltech AND full mecha in the display.

Also being the only two figuarts would be Wild Tiger and Barnaby from Tiger and Bunny! Le gasp, I haven't watched but I can't help but find Barnaby's design to be cool. DX

That's about it for my short coverage. XD The event was only two days but it was very much worth the time as it won't be successful without the help of friends, members, lenders and, of course, those who went to the event. As part of the Team Onii-chan admin, a big "Thank You!" to all the participants of the event for making our year end display a huge success! :D

Of course, you can always view my album uploaded at my facebook fan page for more pictures, or the different albums of other members from Team Onii-chan's fanpage. I'd also like to share our friend, Duqs' very own coverage of the event. ^^

And before I end the post, remember Sasuke Mcdo? Look what I balanced on top during the event, HAHAHAHAHA!

This ends my a bit late coverage of the event and as the new year strikes, hopefully, we'll have more displays as the year goes and hint hint... the next one might be soon ;)

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