Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Hauls: The Impulse Bunch

All of these... weren't really on my pre-orders

A bunch of impulse buys I guess and 2 gifts! =))

Well, to start off, first among these hauls would be the TF Prime RID ones, I don't really dig the Arms Micron line because of the stickers and that's what made me get the Hasbro releases since if you had noticed I would usually prefer getting the Takara releases except when Hasbro proves to the be the better one for my preference or when there's a slight or no difference at all like the Movie lines and lastly, when only Hasbro has it like PCC (but United line will be releasing 4 PCCs soon) But anyway, we only have wave1-3 here (I think) and aside from Soundwave and Wheeljack, Vehicon is amongst the top list of hard to find since people usually hoard them (I understand the army builders but scalpers... well... screw it :p) And I happen to come across 1 and instantly got it with Ratchet being tagged along the purchase since I really love Prime's Ratchet and for once on my time for the TF collection, Hasbro has done a very clean white on Ratchet making the Takara an instant pass for me. XD 

Next up would be some nendo petits from Madoka, I didn't really intend on buying them but when a friend of mine opened a group buy I just had to get the Blue Justice Girl lol, Sayaka of course, so, I instantly reserved the two and got them during Team Onii-chan's last display which was at Vocafusion. 

And last but not least, a friend of mine went to Japan so I asked him to get me a G2 Gamera for a nifty price (cheap blogger is cheap lol!) and he got me one for 2.6k yen, a fair enough price I guess; after I got him, another friend of mine reminded me of an available UN WfC Prime around, so, when we checked, he was still there, and I bought it at a steal price since he IS quite rare already these days and thus also completes my WfC Rival pair. The Charlotte strap and the other one beside her, a *you know* doujin of Cure Peace are souvenirs from Japan that my friend gave me. I wasn't expecting a doujin and Cure Peace to boot @.@ oh well, hahahaha. But anyway, that's it for my final hauls this month.

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