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Review: Figma Nyaruko

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Figure Number: 160
Origin Series: Haiyore! Nyaruko-san
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 3,500 Yen


Starting with the packaging, Nyaruko's box is that of the usual small figma box in dimensions, the design is very lively as it is pretty colorful I must say; most likely based from the a part of the show's Ending theme "Zutto Be With You" sequence, with all the lines and stars and whatnot. But anyway, I'm not really the one to comment much about boxes, so, I'll be ending this section here. XD 


Detail wise, figma does really great work on them and for having a checkered  pattern outfit, there's pretty much zero sloppy paints on the checkered bits of her clothes, but do note that a big portion of her clothes are made from rubbery plastic; while it does help in poseability, be really careful when handling Nyaruko on the back since the ribbon is pretty scary that I feel like in one wrong forceful stroke, it'll snap off since it's pretty wobbly for most part and it's connection peg of sorts is pretty small; her arms and legs are pretty simple since it's just skin and zettai ryouiki white stockings. xD

One of the best and most notable part of her details is, of course, her extra long ahoge and figma's rendition is pretty neat though I could've wanted it to be more flexible but that'd be dangerous at the same time. XD


Nyaruko isn't really the perfect figma for accessories and faceplates but still very much ok, it's lacking something but not really a big part. She comes with her sadistic face and a ( O0O) face which can be good for certain martial arts poses and for laughs. She comes with a pair of chopping hands, a pair of gripping hands to hold her crowbar, one of the two Uchuu C.Q.C.s included in the set, a pair of open hands, a unique peace sign left hand, an extra right hand to grip other weapons (if you have some) and a special right hand to hold her other Uchuu C.Q.C., the grenade. Last but not least is the ever handy figma stand!

While the accessories are quite nice, I really could've wished that she came with a default expressionless face ; that could really be appreciated since her default face is the smiling wink which doesn't work really well with every non dynamic poses you make out of her and the sadistic face certainly won't do. 

Her di: stage add-on is a very simple design with the title on it. Don't really use these but are worth noting anyway. xD

Articulation Points:

Nyaruko possesses your typical placements of figma joints but it's pretty good to tackle them by parts and like usual, I'll start with the head. Figmas are pretty much known to me as those figures with really intense powers to look downwards because of how the figma joint is positioned at the neck and Nyaruko isn't an exception, though one problem she has is looking upwards, it's very very limited because of her long hair; the good thing though is the hair molds upfront are soft plastic so turning her head left and right wouldn't be much of a hassle. 

Her ahoge works around on a swivel I think, I don't really turn it, but instead pull it out and then put it back on the orientation that I want, it's safer that way for me. so, I'd advise doing the same if in case you get your hands on the crawling chaos.

Joints on her arms include a shoulder figma joint which can full turn 360 but does have a hard time having her arm going towards her body since those shoulder puffs on her clothes certainly get in the way a little. She also has a bicep swivel which can be a little difficult to move if you don't hold some stuff but still, it's there alright. Her elbows bend quite well but like most figmas, you can only bend for a little more than 90 degrees; last but not least would be the wrist swivel with a hinge based on how figma constructs hands.

Her hips are on ball joints, and they do kick forward to a good 90 degrees; any thing greater than 90 would involve camera tricks and having her leg raised forward but via sideways then using her thigh swivel. Knee joints work pretty much as how elbow joints work and then lastly, the ankles which can be tilted and be adjusted via the hinge of the figma joints.


The true winning point of the crawling chaos is how fun she actually is, a combination of hands, faces and poses really help bring out her character and the ahoge being movable certain helps big time.

You can actually a lot of poses from simple cute ones, to fighting stances and then some baseball grenade throws but I didn't take solo shots of poses that much since she was totally fun, I did a majority of it with other figures. xD

Anyway, before I begin with the other shots, here's Nyaruko with D-Arts Knight Blazer at her back since it's pretty noticeable that her strongest Uchuu C.Q.C. which basically have Nyaruko henshin to an armor clad being in black with red scarf was based on Wild Arms 2nd Ignition's Knight Blazer. You can actually peg the figma joint on the Knight Blazer's neck but seeing that I couldn't pull it out (and am afraid that too much force might break it) I just resorted with this one instead of showing Nyaruko in Knight Blazer's body.   

One of the many things I loved with Nyaruko was her doing Kamen Rider henshin poses and so I made her do some of them and put the actual rider beside her, but before any of that, check out who has a new friend! :p

Additional action poses had me posing Nyaruko with my monster Revoltechs, namely Legion and Gyaos who are both enemies of Gamera. Really enjoyable and like Mato's and Yomi's ball accessories, you can peg the grenade to figma stands if in case you want those throw em poses, which is pretty neat. Vs Legion shots below! ^^

And here are some shots with Gyaos which are also the last bunch of images for this section of the review. XD

One of the most note worthy things about Nyaruko is that she can do a really good Rider Kick, which was seen also in the show, and I think it was, correct me if I'm wrong, Kuuga's kick. But yeah, aside from the remaining pics below, Nyaruko's really a win and shooting her for an entire 3 hours was totally entertaining, her O0O face also works wonders with anything related to martial arts and the sorts.  

Final Thoughts:

Again, Nyaruko isn't perfect, her points are lacking, she is lacking in face plates but for a stand alone figma, she's definitely one of the better ones out there right now, I totally had fun with the shoot and seriously, if you like the alien yourself, be sure to pick one up, it won't disappoint especially if you like posing figures. She's really just one of the more awesome releases from the line despite the things she lack. Many many thanks for my friend's help in helping me secure an order of this Nyarlacutie from Amiami. 8Db

I do give Nyaruko a chaotic 4 out of 5.

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