Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: Mameshiki Reimu Hakurei

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Liquid Stone
Figure Number: 01
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non Scale
Height: Approximately 10 cm tall
Original Price: 3980 yen


Mameshiki's packaging is quite plain but they all have a cute feel around them; it's pretty much just white with product shots and the mameshiki logos all over but the highlight color (red on Reimu) varies depending on the character I think (correct me if I'm wrong though). I find it quite adorable on how they placed the product shots and mameshiki's line feature at back.  

Nothing more to say for the brief packaging intro, so, let's get on to the actual figure!


Though puny in size, Mameshiki Reimu still holds quite nice detailing; all her basic details are there from the ribbons, the ascot and some intricate detailing such as the laces on the big ribbon on her head; I do love that they every managed to put some frills in there as well.

The skirt is quite big as it should be and tough, like the figma version, it's cast in solid plastic, I do feel Mameshiki's skirt does allow more leg spreading movements than the figma, so it is very commendable.

For some size comparison, you'd probably seen how big she is compared to a nendo petite but below is a pic standing next to the strongest nendoroid, Cirno; I would say, they are equally tall or that nendos are slightly taller.

Articulation Points:

Mameshiki Reimu has a total of 9 (11 if you would count the wrists) points of articulation, most of them work similar to how higher grade of poseable figure joints does; a mixture of hinge that uses the connectors as swivels like that of the figma and revoltech lines. 

Starting with her head, probably one of two ball joints in the mameshiki frame would be at the neck, the movement is good but it certainly is not smooth as there are instances that her chin conflicts with her shoulders but definitely, still a decent range for it; I wasn't able to take a picture but her ponytail sports the hinge with swivel connector joint and that is always a big plus for when it comes to articulated Reimus.   

Her torso is on a ball joint as well I believe but the sidewards movement is either stiff or just really limited, I didn't bother doing intensive testing since I might break it but her torso joint certainly has good bending capabilities.

Shoulder joints work the as her ponytail joint but the forward movement may at times be hindered by Reimu's hair.

Her hips are on ball joints and like I said, a lot better less limited than the figma counterpart, she can split like a boss, and even do running poses lol; Ankles, on the other hand, uses the same ones as the shoulders and ponytail, and it truly gives Reimu good balance and the fact that she has a flat foot further helps in balancing the whole figure.


Reimu comes with a lot of option hands, her gohei, a broom, a tea cup, a scarf, two talismans (with unique text each), a pair of bent arms and legs, a normal poker face and a blank face with a sheet of stickers, and yes they are just stickers and it actually looks pretty bad when attached since you can see the clear bits and it's quite awkward to see it. Click this link to see how it appeared on mine. There's also a stand with two extension connectors, one of which allows you to peg the stand beneath Reimu's skirt, while the other acts as simply an additional stand height increase.

While there is a ton of accessories and option parts, I really wish she could have came with some serious faces which can be good for serious dynamic poses in the playability level. The ball pegs for the stand also proves to be too tight when attached, making it a nerve wrecking experience to detach the stand.


Mameshiki's certainly a lot more poseable than nendos due to the joints and I can certainly say, it was a lot of fun posing her around; she can indeed be a lazybutt as she is and most certainly capable of doing dynamic poses.

The flat foot helps a lot in her playable factor as the stand isn't much helpful to non-flying poses. I do feel the stand was really built to let Reimu have decent mid-air fun as the stand is quite sturdy and due to the joints and bent arms/legs, Reimu can certainly do really good poses though the lack of faceplates certainly affects some of the more dynamic poses as you have smiling faces only and the sticker sheet doesn't really have what I need. XD

To my surprise, she has fists that are bent inwards, so a thought came to mind of posing Reimu in a manner similar to how the Shingeki ni Kyojin characters do their "salute" (I think mine's reversed though XD), haha.

Of course, you can have Reimu interact with other figures and in my case, Revoltech Heisei Gamera was my choice which I made as a substitute for Genjii, Reimu's pet turtle. :))

Final Thoughts:

Mameshiki is definitely a line I would return to once budget allows and they pick for quite low prices in amiami (also where I got Reimu) these days so it's a win-win situation for me; it's too bad that the pvc releases had to stop at no. 7 I think? Anyway, Reimu is certainly cute and her poseability level is pretty decent given her frame, if you have to find one for cheaps, and would like to try it, I'd highly recommend trying them out. :D I certainly will be getting at least 3 more from the line haha. XD

I'd give the cute shrine maiden a magical 4 out of 5.

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