Saturday, October 26, 2013

Review: Arms Micron Nemesis Prime

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy
Figure Number: 25
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 4200 yen


Not much to say as I have the same comments on the box with that of War Breakdown; one thing to note though is that Nemesis Prime's backside product shot now has a scenery background (like Final Battle Megatron) while still advertising different Micron combinations.

Details - Vehicle Mode:

Like the First Edition Optimus, I think the RID mold which AM Nemesis Prime uses have a solid appearance and I think the proportions do look a bit better here, it feels more of a compact semi truck. We all know Nemesis Prime in the show was more of a dead-shaded Prime instead of being Black, so, this basically scrapes off screen accuracy already but since I wanted it to be much closer to the cgi model, I avoided stickering him up so he wouldn't look like our typical black and teal prime. I seriously think the headlights look cheap because it's a sticker but the glossy gray plastic actually makes the mold look neat along with the blood red clear windows; being a modded RID mold for the AM line, he does have 4 new 5-mm ports in the mold.

Similarly to first edition, the trailer hitch on the RID mold's back can also plug in 5-mm pegged weapons or trailers or tankers; below is a pic of the Battle Tanker latched on the semi truck's back and I think the RID mold's vehicle mode scales pretty well with it.

Of course, you can always arm up your Nemesis and turn him into a death truck haha!

Details - Robot Mode:

Starting off with the weakest part of the mold, since the original mold was part of the RID "powerizers", Nemesis Prime's forearms are covered in clear red plastic, while it doesn't look bad since it fits Nemesis Prime pretty well, I really think that they should've just made it into a solid plastic as well since the Arms Micron doesn't have any light up gimmick anyway. Gripes aside, I think the robot mode looks neat, the head sculpt might've been adjusted a bit and it looks pretty small actually but the look still captures that Optimus head quite nicely; his only kibble is his eye sore backpack but aside from that, the mode looks clean overall; I also like how the chest windows once again feature some circuitry detail in them, it looks really awesome!

While being smaller than FE Prime, the RID/AM mold still is quite tall for his downsized scale standing as tall as the United Black Optimus Prime figure.

Nemesis Prime also features some sweet light piping which also reaches to his chest windows when lit up; he may not be as solid as that of the FE's head sculpt, the RID/AM Prime head mold still has some intricate eye detail instead those pipes.

If you want to completely screw screen accuracy,  Takara Tomy gave a sticker sheet wherein you can sticker up AM Nemesis Prime with teal highlights and also attach some Decepticon logos; given with optional stickers are also some M.E.C.H. labels as Nemesis Prime wasn't really a Bot or a Con, but an empty shell controlled by M.E.C.H.'s leader, Silas. Likewise, I wish they provided Autobot logos instead as Nemesis Prime was intended to be an Autobot in disguise.


Nemesis Prime's micron partner is the Saw Shark, Giza. While it looks neat overall, I think it could've used more stickers to create a better looking finished kit.

Giza transforms into a very good looking arm blade for Nemesis Prime.

As with screen accuracy, when Nemesis Prime equips Giza's blade mode, it covers up his entire hand making the illusion of his hand transforming into the blade.

Below is a comparison with FE Prime's Arm Blade, while the non micron version looks a lot better, I could say Giza is one of the best looking micron weapons I've seen in the line.

Articulation Points:

Nemesis Prime's ball jointed neck gives a free side movement and a very decent range of looking down while the upward movement is a bit limited. Although unlike the FE Prime, no fixing is needed for this evil Prime.

His shoulders provide a full roatation rotation for forward and backward movement while sidewards raise is around 75 degrees since the shoulder pads is limiting it. He does have bicep swivels which can help in dynamic poses. Lastly, he elbow hinges which allow a full 90 degree bend although I find mine to be a bit loose so I had to tighten it somehow with nice polish.

His hips are on ball joints which can go to an almost 90 degree raise forward and a little less backwards; sidewards split reaches up to around 75 degrees split. He also has some thigh swivels and his knee hinge can bend to a 90. The amazing feat of this mold is that his ankle runs on ball joints but also have the ability to be titled which is great in maintaining balance for dynamic poses.


With Giza alone, Nemesis Prime is really capable of doing decent AND menacing poses as his points of articulation are amazing when combined with an arm blade.

Dynamic slashing poses are also the forte of Nemesis Prime when using Giza in weapon mode; he can also kneel but it doesn't look pretty lol. As my FE Prime is already wielding the Sky Breaker sword in the shelves, I decided to let Nemesis Prime use the arm blade so he can dual wield, rather than looking for another Giza.

Of course, we've seen Nemesis blasting buildings when he first appeared so, using FE's blasters on him also look neat and I think it looks more appropriate as it blends with his color scheme.

Getting some recasted blasters for Nemesis would be a good as he can look even more menacing with arm blasters instead of the arm blades.

Of course, Nemesis Prime's fun factor can be increased when having him battle the original Optimus Prime!

Final Thoughts:

Given this is the only official toy release of Nemesis Prime from the Prime line, I think he's nice and the RID mold itself isn't bad either; while the FE mold proves superior to mold accuracy, it does fall behind to RID when it comes to poseability as the RID mold is capable of doing much more. For black Prime lovers, this definitely a highly suggested buy as he does not disappoint for me; for Prime cast completist, I could say the same even though he isn't very screen accurate, when Nemesis gets shown at night, he does indeed look like a black Prime so I guess, that's where Takara got the idea of painting him black. If you have the FE Prime already and just want an RID mold, I guess, Nemesis could be your answer as he's a different character to boot, or just get BH Magnus as both of them are retooled RID molds while also being a completely different character than the Autobot Leader.

Anyway, another transformers loot from omniclone!

I give the evil clone a rightful 4 out of 5.

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