Friday, December 12, 2014

Review: DXF Cure Rosetta

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Banpresto
Origin Series: Doki Doki Precure
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 15 cm tall


There are actually two DXF Cure Rosettas released last year and this is the first one to get released on the prizes for UFO catchers alongside my previously reviewed DXF Cure Heart. And since they're wavemates, their box design is pretty much done in the same style only with a different color scheme and of course, the front cover changed to Rosetta instead of Heart.


As much as I'd love to have a high quality Rosetta figure, this is pretty much currently the one that appealed to me as THE Cure Rosetta. Being a prize figure, the details are, of course, pretty bland but still quite passable. To start off, her hair is nicely done, the color looks spot on if you ask me and the curls on her hair look amazing and MY GOD, those tail clips looks fantastic! 

Of course, the hair at most looks like one solid piece of plastic with minimal layering to show some detail.

This version of the DXF release has a really REALLY lovely face, and it pretty much perfectly captures Rosetta's most of the time calm nature.

Like her wave mate leader, her outfit is spot on in terms of the important details and down to the colors; I really love the metallic application on the heart on her chest. Of course, you only get to see a few folds here and there and if you're looking for crisp details, you're definitely NOT gonna find it in a prize figure.

Rosetta shares the exact same clear round base with the cute border design and the arrow symbol as that of DXF Cure Heart but like the packaging aspect, Rosetta's base gets a color change from pink to orange.

Pose and Appeal:

As I've described in the details section, Rosetta has a really lovely face and it doesn't end there! Along with her lovely face comes an amazing deal of photogenic factor as Rosetta definitely looks good in many many angles.

Some of you might say, this Rosetta's pose is bland or boring even. I won't disagree on that BUT I think the pose suits her facial and character pretty damn well.

To those who don't know her, Rosetta's pretty much an ojou-sama type so going with her calm smile comes would be this lady-like stance; a perfect representation of the character in her usual calm self.

Final Thoughts:

Some people might like the other DXF Rosetta better but seriously, I really think this is a perfect representation of the loveable and badass yellow cure especially since I've had a shop specializing on prize figures find this for me regardless of costing a bit more. As of now, this is the best Rosetta in my book and until the day that big companies take on DokiDoki Precure comes, I believe it will stay that way so if you love the character, you definitely should add this to your collection. And before I end the review, I've had my friend ask J-Figs to find this for me last year and I never regretted it!

I give this DXF a stiff and strong 5 out of 5!

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