Friday, May 8, 2015

Review: Ques Q Flandre Scarlet

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Ques Q
Origin Series: Touhou Koumakyou ~The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil~
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 24cm tall
Original Price: 10,500 Yen


I've actually reviewed some Ques Q touhou figures before and the box style really hasn't changed much even for this release which was in late 2013 and I actually got this January last year. Much like her predecessors, the Touhou Project logo and Ques Q logo stays on their rightful place which is at the top left and top right respectively; the "font" of Flandre's name still remains the same along with that half body product shot in the lower right, nothing much actually changed aside from the fact that she loses the side window, which was present on both Sakuya and Suwako, and got replaced by a full body product shot! Much like Ques Q Sakuya, they actually give us a glimpse on the artwork the figure was based on. (or it could be the other way around idk :P) The back is your typical features and highlights of the figure.


Starting off with her face, I think they really did their best to capture that of the art, I guess there are still traces of the Ques Q "cute"-sy style that was present in their earlier touhou releases but at least the puffy cheeks are gone and I must say, while the art definitely looks better, the figure rendition does have quite the charms of her own.

And since Ques Q does their part to please the Touhou fandom, they actually bothered to include an alter head with the crazed/insane face which Flandre is pretty known for; now, it's a nice bonus but somehow, something does look off with it so yeah, I like her smiling face way better. You might notice that she has a long neck on the pic below and that's because I haven't fully pushed down her crazed head down, sarreh.

The hat is a removable thing and is sculpted in nicely, not too detailed but enough not to be called lacking in details either; I really like the choice of red on the "ribbon" since it does really pop out under some neat lighting.

The overall details on her details are actually pretty dull BUT this was really just based off the artwork which was also nearly equally dull; I really wish that her clothes got more folds or creases which really could've helped in making the overall details of the figure a little less duller than how it turned out to be. On the positive side, there is a nice mixture of light and dark red shades going on her skirt and does indeed give her some extra appeal as they are clearly visible and does, in a way, make up for the lack of detail mold-wise.

Definitely the strongest point of the figure is none other than Flandre's wings as they are well jewel-like and the figure certainly does not disappoint, the "jewels" dangling from her wings are made up of perfectly molded clear plastic of different colors; they absolutely look beautiful and the molds are quite pointy, just as I want them to be. Though, of course, with such fine detailing, these does feel quite fragile so yeah, do handle it with care if you plan on getting one.


The base is pretty plain, it's just a round but not oversized black base which does sport a small pedestal for Flandre to step on. The pedestal does have some nice detailing into it and does feature debris with a skull, some knives and bent steel; I really wish they could've done some more for the base but I guess it's better than nothing or having an unneeded nameplate.

Pose and Appeal:

I'll keep things different this time and head to the pose discussion first, the pose certainly doesn't look painful and that's already a plus and it does look like something Flandre will do (with the smiling face that is). It's not too dynamic but personally, it's better than just have her stand so yeah, pretty okay pose if you ask me.

The pose works wonders because it does allow you to shoot Flandre in many decent angles; the smiling face really takes the cake for me and is also a major factor of why I like this figure to a great extent.

Personally, I like the hat-off display better as it does somewhat give an extra charm for me since it does make her look cuter for some reason. (Cute things are my weakness even if I know this old kid is crazy.)

Again, like I said back in the details section, the crazed face is a wonderful bonus for those who prefer Flan to be that way but I can't really help but to be put off by it because something is definitely wrong somewhere in that face.

While I do complain about the crazed face option, it certainly looks great when I shot her with just 1 light source, the effect certainly gives that feeling that you SHOULD fear the insane extra boss from Touhou 6.

And lastly, since the detail section had the wings in half, here's a full back view shot on Flan and the wings look fantastic!

And finally, here are some bonus portrait shots you can enjoy before I go to my final comments on the figure.

Final Thoughts:

Ques Q's 1/8 Flande is definitely one of my favorite Touhou scaled figures at home and definitely has some strong points of her own though that is to say she does have some weak points as well but still overall, a very satisfying figure in my opinion. I'd definitely suggest this over the other Flandre figures by Griffon but yeah, your choice and what's to stop you from getting all Flandre figures IF you are such a fan. I'm not actually sure how much she fetches for these days since I barely check for scaled figures on the secondary market these days but if you see a cheap one, then definitely give it a thought if you want to get or not, though I can assure it won't disappoint if you're not after details that much. As mentioned somewhere above, I got this early last year from CWToys!

I give the Devil's Sister an insane 4 out of 5.

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