Monday, February 20, 2012

February Hauls: The First Half Bots and Magical Girls

So yeah, pardon the slow updates since I've been really busy at work recently @.@

Anyway here are hauls from the first half XD

Well first thing's first I also was unable to post my last two hauls last month which are two more TFs, namely PCC Bombshock which I can now stop pursuing since I only have around 1 or 2 more nice to haves from the line but not necessarily something that I need to get. Sandstorm also closes my HA from DotM since he was the last must have for me, especially now that I also got Whirl who was another nice to have.

Now my first few was Takara editions of the first Edition molds for Bulkhead and Cliffjumper from the Transformers Prime series, many thanks to my usual source for making me able to get these two (and I should be bringing home Prime by next month).

Next would be two blonde magical girls; my Touhou figmas are now one more step to being completed now that I got Marisa and at a really cheap price too courtesy of a friend of mine ^^. Also my first Nendo from the Madoka series arrives and it's none other than my first favorite in the series, Mami! (only to be later replaced by Sayaka XD)

Lastly, as I have said above, Whirl was a nice to have but my sister paid half of it sooo, I got it, thanks sis! :D And next is Guzzle, I was amazed how much he homages his G1 self and so, I wanted to try at least 1 Cyberverse toy, he does look too puny when compared to a scout class but yeah, I still need to see if Guzzle will remain in my collection in the long run or not, in case he does, then expect MakeToys Seaspray and Powerglide to come home in the future too looool.

But that's it for this haul post. I still have a lot of reviews coming but I'm really just busy so I can't post them right away T_T

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