Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Murakami's Log #3: Get Busy!

It's been a few weeks since my last entry...

It was really a series of busy weekends (and work days).

First off, the first week of April should've given me a chance to catch up with the blog by a long shot since it was holy week (meaning a long vacation) but... unfortunately, I had to go away with my family to somewhere far away, for like 4 friggin days, 2 of which was a wasted day because it's purely days spent on a car travelling great distances. I did get to hike and trek a mountain on one of the 4 days, but aside from that I completely wasted a 5 day break since I had to go away from the house that had all my figures immediately on the 5th day...

(Photo courtesy of my sister)

But anyway, a week before that (March ender weekend), we had a sudden display at Tagcom 6. Since it was a surprise(we actually displayed on day 2-3 of the 3 day event), I wasn't able to bring a camera, take shots and upload an album on my FB fanpage. So, I snugged one of the pictures from Onii-chan's report at Team Onii-chan blog. I lent some of my S.I.C.s here making it the first Onii-chan display to ever have S.I.C.s; I brought along Cyclone Joker Extreme, Amazon, Den-O Sword Form and Decade for the event. You can read it up at Onii-chan's blog to see more~

(Photo courtesy of Onii-chan member, ALT)
(correct me if I'm wrong though XD)

Of course, no event would usually pass by without me hauling, as I have recently sold my MegaHouse Sora, I couldn't stand missing Sora, so, I replaced her with Alter's rendition! It also arrived on Tagcom itself and I also finally get to pick up my Taito Nadeko! My real haul on the event was the 3rd Party TF accessory Gears of War 2, the Led Gun Set for Alternity, Henkei/Universe and RotF Leader Optimus Prime. I luckily spotted it so, I had to get it, sis got the RotF gun since I assumed it was only compatible with him; the regret came when I later found out it was highly compatible with other TFs like MakeToy's Battle Tanker...

Oh and the guns really fit well with United Darkside Optimus Prime, he can wield all the 3 + his own gun, how cool is that!?

And finally, returning up to date! Last weekend was Team Onii-chan's anniversary actually and, of course, it means we had a display at Ozine Fest 2012; a quick summary, Team Onii-chan was supposedly just a one time big time display team for last year's Ozine Festival, but as the event concluded, Onii-chan, scarychii and kettenkrad decided to continue on with the group instead of disbanding it. And eventually, it had all sorts of display over the remainder of the year 2011 and li'l ol' me also became an admin for the group. XD So yeah, the Ozine Fest 2012 is the biggest display yet for the Team this year and we had such a variety this time as well. Quite a number of scaled figures and whatnot, it took me 240+ shots to get an almost complete coverage of the event. I won't make a long report but yeah, it was a success and I thank all those who helped and those came to see our display, look forward for our future displays this year as we're still not done!

You can view my complete album at my fanpage or view other members' take on the display at Team Onii-chan's fanpage. BTW, we also had the Pinoy Square Enix Collectors to participate in our display this time; similar to our joint display with Manika Manila on last year's Otaku Expo; Manika Manila also had a separate display this time as well and they're just pretty near our booth as well~ :D

As I thought I was safe from haulage, Sir Malvin of Great Toys Online happened to have gave me revoltech Legion for very fine price; an offer I couldn't resist for the monster who was able to actually kill Gamera. So yeah, I hauled it and many thanks to GT for this Gamera villain!

As I have been away for a while, I missed out on blogging some notable releases and I don't really plan on blogging them anymore since I'm pretty late already. You might want to check up on some of the ff. items: GSR 1/8 Racing Miku 2011 ver., GSC 1/8 Inori, figma Inori, nendoroid Inori.

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