Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Recent Hauls: Magical Characters, Warriors and a Scientist

It's a pretty big mass of unblogged stuff...

But the lower picture was just obtained 3 days ago XD

Okay, so, having been busy going out and playing sometimes annoying Dragon Nest. I wasn't able to blog that much and thus, missing my ability to actually phost the last wave of April hauls on April itself. loooool. But Anyway, April hauls consists of articulateds and a certain nerdy yet wonderful scientist named Makise Kurisu in her scaled figure form by Good Smile Company. Anyway, figmas consists of Mami and Kenshin, Mami was a no brainer since she is my 2nd favorite in the series while Kenshin, well, she looked awesome even if I am not familiar with the eroge itself XD And last but not least, completing my Max Heart cast is SHF Shiny LoliLuminous, who also happens to be in my top list from my favorites in the cureverse. XD

Moving on to the main month hauls, this is probably going to be my grandest haulage of the month, notable for finally completing my Madoka Mahou Shoujo figmas with the yuri buddies, Sayaka and Kyoko arriving at the same time. XD Adding up to my Sayaka fangasms would be her nendo who also happens to have been released last month. XD

Now Wheeljack and Kurisu are actually hauls from the first day of the month after the pigfest we did at PapaJohn's unlimited Pizza promo. While the TF Prime RID line was just released late month there are quite notorious pieces who bites the dust quickly namely Soundwave, Vehicon and Wheeljack for being the top 3 hardest to find pieces after the release. Luckily, I informed my friend about it and he volunteered to get me a Wheeljack and so I finally got him! Also from the same friend, I also got figma Kurisu for a friendly price despite how much she's picking up these days...

And last but not least would be my 2 scaled figure hauls, while I've been into articulates since some time last year, I still can't pass up some scaled figures and in this case, Alter's Luke and Phat's Ran. While Luke is a must have since I am a Tales series fan, the figure itself is good and I can't wait to have the time to shoot him and put up a review. Ran, on the other hand, while looking pretty cute thanks to my favorite sculptor, YOSHI, is pretty much worth every penny; would you believe that Ran actually weighs 1kg? Phat did an amazing job by making his fox tail totally solid plastic, you really can feel the weight if you hold the box in person. XD

But anyway, that's it for now, bandai news will follow after a certain late bandai product news, looool.

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