Monday, August 31, 2009

Collection as of August 31, 2009

Yeah, conquered almost 3 levels now...

Well, this year has certainly been a big one for my collection, with the inclusion of a determination to build up a Miku Hatsune shrine and the sudden addition of bugmen aka Kamen Riders, my shelf's been pretty cluttered lately, I just finished re-organizing it but there are cluttered and uncluttered areas if you noticed, those are just temporary spaces for my upcoming figures. And I'll have to re-organize again soon. Anyway, like I mentioned in one of my blogs here, the shelf is now covered with plastic cover and it may look ridiculous but it really protects my figures from dust invasion, been like that for months now and there's few to none dusts in it. :D

Anyway, going to the upper level first... To your left is an area for my Kamen Riders, mostly SICs. While next to it are my unarmed figures followed by mechs, which includes my MG God Gundam.

Going to the lower level: Here's a wide display of the "armed" figures (guns, swords, rods, bows, etc.) I compiled the sword wielders to the left area followed by the extendable weapons (whips, chains). Then the other half being mostly wand and rod wielders with kunai and gun wielders. Again Archer is not mine and I do hope he can be sold already since he's eating too much space...

And last but not least is my pride... The area specially named as "Utahime 39" which contains all my Hatsune Miku goodies. ^^

Well, that's that. I'll update again not too soon, lol. XD


  1. Wow, that's a lot of blue ponytails right there... 14 ponytails to be exact, not counting the drawings and psp umd covers...

  2. You have a lot of Kamen Riders already. They grow fast.

  3. @Ryan: talagang binilang mo diba? :))

    @Drew: yes, like the bugs they are XD