Friday, October 9, 2009

Murakami's Updates (October '09) Part 2

More Ryoko eh?

Just a few more self-involved updates XD

Asakura Invasion starts!
Well, if you've noticed the pre-order list, Max's 1/8 Ryoko has been included. She's actually a pretty old figure already, old like 2 years ago which makes her a bit hard to find but still pretty much available to ebay but with higher prices. A few days ago, another sale went up at riuva and I was lucky enough to win the bid for Ryoko for 70SGD, really sweet if you ask me. And with her arriving, it'll be the start of Ryoko's "invasion" in my collection XD

P-Style "Hyper Mode" CG Gold finally unlocked!
Well, as you know, I've been trying to beat the hell of out Disappearance of Hatsune Miku hard for months now and I've finally done it thanks to the tips I read from YouTube users. Probably the P-Style CG Gold is the toughest to unlock since it'll require you to "great" all songs on Hard. And here's the module, the one I usually call "Hyper Mode" since she pretty much reminds me of G Gundam XD

More space for future figures
Well, I've rearranged the boxes yesterday since they're pretty much eating too much space already. Good thing I managed to rearrange them this way:

which can probably hold around 5-10 more boxes XD

Official disposal
Well, if you've noticed my tsuki profile (>>>) the number's gone down to 43, yeah, I still have the figures with me but I'm seriously getting rid of them unlike Satsuki who'll soon be relisted to my collection if she survives just a few more days. I've discarded Sega Rin Kagamine, Sega Arcuied Brunestud, Banpresto Kallen Kozuki and my two Twist Action Form Riders. I'm selling them right now but only locally though.

Shelf rearrangement
Yeah, I've rearranged my shelf again but I won't be showing it pretty soon, I'll fix up some stuff first to make it look a lot better but the shelf is more spacy now compared to the previous setup.

More Beach Queens for Wave
Yeah, Wave is planning to complete the K-On characters and add Minmay and Mylene from Macross series. Too lazy to upload pics right now but you can view it at akibahobby. ^^

That's all for now.

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