Friday, September 2, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Racing] Nendoroid 109 Racing Miku

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Racing
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 7,000 yen (Basic Package)

Figure Box:

Overall, the box of Racing Miku is a reused of the original Nendo Miku's, the box design is totally identical featuring those lines that forms small squares all over but it does follow Racing Miku 2010's color schemes such as the orange, the white and the green she brings in her design. The box is a little thicker than your usual nendo box likely because of the car accessory included but it still isn't as ridiculously massive as Tanoshii Asabo Miku's. So that's it for box comments XD

Figure Details:

Overall details are good though she does have some rough details here and there especially on the toolkit on her shorts' back; and as I've before in the scaled figure review, I'd really prefer this over that one as this nendo despite being small and all have a wonderful paint job and the way that it wasn't finished in glossy manner actually makes the costume more realistic and as such also brings out simplistic beauty as I would like to call it; additional comments on paint is that her headset has this very pleasing silver app on the round pieces and the microphone itself. Her hair does have a little World is Mine hair effect on her such it the twintails, though layered, are obvious one chunk of plastic which is a bit of an eyesore but still just me nitpicking XD

Overall, she is pretty good and that face, I honestly didn't like how the original art looked like but the nendoroid actually nailed it and was successful in making the somewhat unloved design (at least for me) loveable, the big teeth also helps make her very cute and also made me brand her the "Rabbit Miku". XD


Accessory she doesn't come with much, she only has what I believe is a tool cabinet of sorts and also that spray looking gadget she's holding which I still don't know what it is really XD Of course, as all, Racing Miku releases, one of the selling points is that they have a mountable car as part of their accessories, and these cars roll on four wheels and would be enough to fit other nendos as well. Lastly, she does come with a base as usual but since it's Miku, you might not need it except for jumping poses since Miku's hair is always a good support or you can opt to just make her mount the car. (As for me I gave the base to my baseless Sharo)

She comes with only one extra facplate which is a serious face, a bummer since she doesn't have any hilarious faces this time. As for arms and legs, she's got a pair of sitting/kneeling legs which you'll be using if you want yo make her sit on the car properly. She also has a pair of arms which are bent inwards for steering the wheels or whatever you want to do and lastly a bent right arm which you can use to recreate the original art pose.

GSR also provides you to decorate the rather barren car with a set of decals in case it bores you to look at it so plainly white. Unfortunately for me, applying decals by myself would only ruin it so I haven't really used it yet. XD


Articulation's pretty much the same as the other non-super poseable Miku nendos out there; nendo joints on the neck, hips and twintails while having shoulders and waist swivels. And if you are a nendo collector, then you already know the limits of it and for those who are not, nendo joints are hinges with pegs that can swivel around.

Though completely lacking in accessories and whatnot, Racing Miku has an absolutely unique charm for herself from all the other Mikus I currently own and even though lacking faceplates, she does have good photoshoot fun material with her given there are only 2, also, riding a car certainly does improve her play value quite a lot since the twintail joints perfectly work with car riding poses. :3 So yeah, very very charming and is likely one of my favorite Miku nendos so far (along with the first Yuki Miku and the Support version for the top 3)

The car again is usable by other nendoroids and even a petit like Hachune-chan since she's the original super poseable frame bearer. ^^ As for my shots, Sharo fit quite well in the car. :D

Final Thoughts:

A very winner of a pack IMO, but again the sponsor price of 7000 yen as basic package might not pretty fair if you're only after the nendoroid itself. So for prices, you might be disappointed but truthfully speaking, she's really great; really cute and really fun, what nendos are supposed to be. I do recommend getting this piece and it is only this Racing Miku 2010 that I'll really suggest getting because this nendo's charms are quite above average for me for some reason XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Accessories 9.5
Price 8.5

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